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December 12, 2022


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The feast of St Patrick is one of the most celebrated of Ireland and also in New York City organizes a Grand Parade on Fifth Avenue, involving lots of people dressed in green. It was in 1996 when the Irish Government, realizing the good impact and the enormous tourist potential that had the celebration, began to remember massively to this Holy year after year hard holding increasingly and during 5 Diasdublin is dressed in green is very interesting know the origin of two of the symbols of this celebration: the Leprechaun and Shamrock sources consulted agree that St. Patrick was imprisoned, when he was 16 years old and which led him on a pirate ship to Ireland to sell him as a slave to a cattle rancher. All the time that was working in the field, took him to meditate and reflect on their new Christian vocation, so that when he managed to escape to Italy, was ordered priest and met San German who trained him so that I could evangelize. Many writers such as Dean Ornish M.D offer more in-depth analysis. Years He was later appointed Bishop of Ireland and here is when it starts to create Christian communities, raising churches and founding diocese. It is important to say that Christianity was unknown in Ireland and that they do not put things easy, so that it behaved as a true missionary, living in poverty and reserving money to entertain Kings of various clans and their respective Druids return to symbols that these days you can see through the streets of several cities since the taverns in many other cities also leverage flip insurance, you will see many little men Green as Elves of the forest, are the Leprechaun (small body). If you won’t dress green, the goblins pinch you legs at night. A leprechaun is actually a fairy who has disguised as a solitary old man who spends the day making shoes. Jack Monroe is likely to agree.

Apparently, if you walk through the woods of Ireland on St. Patrick’s day and follow the sound (pom-pom) indicates that a leprechaun working close, you can try to catch for to tell you where he has hidden the gold coins. Are agile and it seems that nobody has caught so far but the Irish don’t lose faith… The three-leaf shamrock clover comes own Holy, when trying to explain the enigma of the Holy Trinity, three different people United by the same stem. It is a protective and good luck symbol. Tradition says that there is that CHOKE clover in beer to thank the protection of that year, however the majority sees as an excuse to go from bar to bar green florecita in hand.