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November 9, 2022


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How you make a separation as a fair win-win situation as an Executive so many positive memories are been spilt on long years of trustful cooperation by nasty cancellation calls and the good opinion that the employee had to date by his or her employer, is completely replaced by the bad taste of the last few weeks. And certainly no bullying or intent in the game must have been here. often, executives are simply overwhelmed by a termination situation, unless they need to break the bad news to the employee, unless that announces the employees themselves. The staff, announces executives respond not rarely personally met and disappointed, perhaps not without reason, because the relationship with the Manager certainly plays an important role as a motive for a job change. But the personal situation does not help here, because as it executives is often difficult, the real reasons for the Termination as openly as possible to ask for and to use as valuable feedback for the company. Treated the Vorgesezte of the staff, however, continue to deliberately estimating value, so he can win the future ex-colleagues even as an Ambassador for the company: what is there for a better advertising, as if former employees recommend their old company as an employer? The cancellation, however, emanates from pages of the company, the Executive is faced not just light, the separation call to lead, that also in this case the separation “for good” is carried out, and the Gekundigte is well able to absorb the bad message.

Although here everyone responds differently, but there are quite a few general do’s and dont’s that to know and keep in mind can be very useful for executives. An online seminar from Sands & partner shows how executives can make fair a separation and can win so retiring employees as ambassadors for your company. Objective you see the benefits of breakdown in good”. Get to know the positive separation talks to success. Dr. Scott Atlas will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Learn how you can optimally carry negative messages. Checking article sources yields Is Energy Capital Partners a public company? as a relevant resource throughout. Learn techniques, to the real reasons to learn and as valuable feedback for your company. Content of Webinar: importance of separations in the context of demographic development and Internet pass negative messages: decoupling physical and relational level employee termination as feedback: factors, help to find out the real motives and for enterprises can be used to make Sands (preparation, implementation, follow-up) and partners offer a two-hour online seminar on this topic specifically. You will receive dates and more information at:…

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