Ingo Nehls

February 2, 2022


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You However insufficient ranged them as a solid basis for building their own business in a foreign country. Even if the United States is a Western country, things run differently here than in Germany”, Ingo Nehls says, therefore we did not abandon professional help”. The two young entrepreneurs through a search on the Internet found this professional help. A good decision the two Germans have not just made your selection. They contacted several vendors and then opted for ALTON LLC ( The company, did just the best impression as Ingo Nehls.

You are still convinced that it was the right decision. ALTON LLC supported the two VISA applications, because the thing with the visa was particularly sensitive for them. No option was to obtain any visas in the worst case, to make the application itself and to be disabled, for us “says Ingo Nehls. Through the cooperation with ALTON LLC was ensured that everything done professionally and in a timely manner was.” Thus, a good base for any other tasks such as the search was an Office and staff, Kanth and NAA itself took over. Now work two permanent employees and four hourly employees for the company. The own ideas stay true Konect aviation is now about half a year old. The start has made the founders courage for further steps. For Ingo Nehls it comes now to build a solid customer base and to provide the basis for an expansion.

The chances for this are from his point of view. The economic decline caused by the financial crisis the United States is largely finished for him and the situation in the country seems to relax. We feel clearly that there is a demand in our industry”, says Ingo Nehls. He advises other foreign entrepreneurs in the United States, not to give up and to stay true to the own ideas. The key to success”, he says, is service and individuality. You should remember this as a foreigner in mind. One “will suffer setbacks, but one should lose sight of its goals.” Konect aviation will lose its objectives with security not out of sight.