Ideal Feeding Grounds

February 3, 2021


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Who sees his garden as a small biotope, is don’t need animal guests. It is a great pleasure to feed birds in the winter with high quality bird food for many people. At feeding stations, can be observed the animals up close. According to Cervical cancer, who has experience with these questions. So feeding nature and knowledge of types of taught at the same time. From the window can look good and study different types.

The winter feeding is a genuine nature experience, especially for children and young people. Only, what kind of food is best? For seed eaters such as finches, sparrows and buntings: Sunflower seeds and field feed mixes. For soft food eaters like Robin, Dunnock, tits, Blackbirds, wrens: Raisins, fruit, oatmeal, Bran, fat balls. Under no circumstances should be offered salty food such as bacon or potatoes. Bread is not recommended, as it expands in the stomach of birds. Feed owls offer an alternative to conventional feeds and-mannchen Birch have these borings in different Number and are filled with sunflower and peanut seeds, grains of wheat, hemp and beef tallow.

In this way, they can always refill. wledge. Also filled flower pots with Birdseed and times, are hung as to Grandma’s vice versa. Nowadays they are however decorative and thus also a nice gift idea. Even the commercially available fat balls fit in the feed holes of owls and feed male. So, refilling is even easier. It is crucial to properly feed the birds. The following are therefore of importance: the lining is firmly cast and is thus kept clean and dry. It is picked out only the required amount, the rest will remain in the feed hole. Bird droppings can not settle, so no germs can be transmitted when this feeding. A completely clean thing in fancy dress. Treat dispenser, where the animals not in the feed can roam and contaminate it with feces, are also suitable.