Ice Harvester machine

July 11, 2023


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One of the most essential conditions for creating high-quality surface of the ice surface is the presence at the rink ice harvester ( machine, ice resesurfacer). Get more background information with materials from Cardiologist. World leaders in production are IceCat, Olympia, Zamboni. Ice harvester moves across the field rink on a certain route, which is being developed based on the size and site of exit vehicles on the ice. Restoration of the ice surface must be made as quickly as possible to not to take up a good time to the rink. Ice harvester performs 3 tasks: 1. Cleaning ice and snow crumbs, which cut into the blade skates, and the truncation of the upper loose layer of ice. This is done with a knife. The length of the knife in different manufacturers is 190-220 cm knife is attached to the so-called carriage.

The carriage is a node that resides behind ledozalivochnoy machine and has a vertical stroke, controlled by hydraulics. The knife cuts 3.8 mm layer of ice. Depth of cut-off depends on the angle of attack with which the knife pressed to the ice. This parameter adjusts the operator of the ice harvester. It depends on the extent of irregularities and violations of the plane of the ice mirrors. Cut away the snow baby with the snow is caught with a knife system of screw augers and served in a special bunker. Snow hopper has a capacity of 500-1200 liters.

2. Cleaning and removing dirt from the ice. A water tank fed hot water through the cleaner on the ice. When This is washed off the mud, the remnants of the ice chips. Residual water collected rubber knife. 3. Fill the ice. From the second water tank hot water pours through the holes on the knife and poured evenly onto the ice, while flooded and filled with cracks and fissures. The ice surface at the same time turns a monolithic and smooth.