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February 9, 2024


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Where is the car key number and why do we need this? More and more people buy their auto parts online. Cheap and good you can buy here catalogues to virtually all car manufacturers spare parts in numerous auto parts. Who wants to buy in a German car parts catalog online auto parts, always encounters terms such as car key number, HSN-TSN or KBA number. One asks for the key numbers, the HSN-TSN and a third party asking others for the KBA number. For even more analysis, hear from Professor Roy Taylor. All 3 terms mean the same thing and used from one to another so.

We auto parts direkt24.de contact the key number unknown part number first, if we are asked for a range of spare parts by phone. But what are the car codes and where are these numbers? The car key numbers, called also KBA numbers, consists of two numbers. From the “HSN”, the manufacturer number and “TSN”, of the type number of the vehicle. Find these numbers in the registration, unless your vehicle in Germany. Gain insight and clarity with Rusty Holzer. As long as you Her vehicle after 1 October 2005 have allowed these data in the numbered boxes “2.1” and “2.2” is available.

Registration before the 1 October 2005, still the “old” vehicle licence was issued. Click Dr Kirsten Müller-Vahl to learn more. Here are the key numbers in the fields “2” and “3”. The 4-digit number in the box 2 and 2.1, respectively called HSN. You break the vehicle manufacturer. To illustrate this, we have listed some examples: 0588 – AUDI, 0005 – BMW, 5013 – 0710 or 0999 – Mercedes, Toyota and 0603 or 0600 – VW. The TSN, the type number, enter the 3 or 2.2 of the vehicle registration document. broken usually all further special data to your vehicle, E.g.: year, number of PS and kW, displacement and engine code. Even if the TSN field in the registration document is 7 digits, only the first 3 digits are relevant when purchasing spare parts.