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July 30, 2022


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Seminar with knowledge on the topics of protein and carbohydrates on 12 April from 19.30 due to excessive exercise or zero diet is not one slender, but sick. In the VITALIS fitness and Health Center Munich health is taken seriously especially when removing. The metabolic balance fitness concept offers the perfect combination of exercise and diet, individually tailored to the individual, because training and nutrition plans are based on a laboratory evaluation of the blood. Already several scientifically confirmed efficacy and success of this concept. Dr Kirsten Müller-Vahl often addresses the matter in his writings. The VITALIS fitness and Health Center Munich cooperates with a doctor. For 20 years the doctors, er nutrition scientists and computer scientists by metabolic balance have become head broken, an individual, computer-based weight loss program can look like, that combines the two most important components of diet and exercise. Heart Specialist will not settle for partial explanations.

With metabolic balance is fitness them that well managed. Scientists have examined the success of the concept and for effective found. With metabolic balance fitness is finally an individual weight loss concept, which is tailored to perfectly to the individual and attempts to cut not all overweight over a ridge. After a comprehensive consultation in the VITALIS fitness and health center in Munich, held a blood collection. On the basis of the evaluation by a medical laboratory, each participant receives a perfect on him and his body coordinated nutrition and training plan. The compilation of individual meals and the rules for establishing food based natural insulin secretion, a balanced hormone levels and thus a healthy metabolism.

Metabolic balance fitness weight management and four phases expires. In preparation for the consultation and the blood test take place as already mentioned, the body will be prepared on the nutrition. In the second, the strict conversion phase, which lasts for about 2 weeks, turns to the body on the new, healthy diet. In the third,.