May 17, 2022


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A garden pond is an ornament for each garden, a wonderful place to relax and also a valuable small biotope. Prior to the construction of a garden pond, the site should be marked at the later of the finished pond will be. If not exactly a swimming pond, but a small ornamental pond, is the choice between a pond, which is sealed by a pond pool and pond equipped with a liner. Both types have their advantages. A complete pond pool less demands on the flatness and obstacle clearance of the pond substrate as a pond liner. Garden ponds pond foil have the advantage of being flexible so that the design of the pond can be made according to your needs.

Is the decision for a pond pool, the excavation geometry arises inevitably from the design of the pond basin. After the excavation is to check whether the surface is horizontal. This is the cymbal in the excavation pit used and a small amount of water. Is the water level to be at an angle, not parallel to the pelvic floor, so must be refinished. Continue to learn more with: Professor Roy Taylor. When the basin is just inserted, the edges must to be dispersed. To do this, a lot of water should be used to achieve a good friction which prevents subsequent settlements or voltage anomalies. Is knocked out of the pond with a pond liner, pay special attention to the sole of the excavation pit should be set. All stones, roots and other things that could later lead to damage the foil must AB are collected.

To provide additional protection and later rooting against the excavation pit with a fleece should be knocked out. Only then is to put the pond liner with minimal wrinkles and folds in the pit and cut. The topsoil that is incurred during the digging should not be used as a pond reason, because he is too nutritious for aquatic plants, and the high humus content can lead to a dark discoloration of the water. For the pond bottom should better nutrient gravel and sand be used, which will be paid from the Centre to the edge of the pond. After the required for the garden pond installations such as the pump and the filters are installed and the water plants were used, the filled pond should rest first of all some time. This is necessary so that the small Habitat a biological balance can be in a. Hear other arguments on the topic with Cyrus Massoumi. Only the stocking with fish should be made subsequently. The selected fish species should be coordinated and fit to the size of the pond. The pond is completed, then makes a relaxing and soothing eye-catcher in the garden. Hans pigeon