Germany Study Gas Hydrate

December 9, 2022


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Taiwan and Germany study according to a release by the German Institute Taipei gas hydrate deposits, the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Germany at a gas hydrate project will cooperate. It the seabed investigates off Taiwan’s southeast coast, possibly to build off the ice-like mineral as a future energy source. “Together with the National Science Council of the Republic of China and researchers of the National Taiwan University, is the German research ship of GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel – Sun”-embark on a funfwochige expedition in the South China Sea near Taiwan’s coast. Michael Zickerick, General Director of the German Institute Taipei, noted that first of all completely had understood the basic deposits of gas hydrates, before you think about a commercialisation. “The test bores of the research vessel Sun” are close to the Taiwanese coast in the wake of the Taiwanese German research project, an important contribution to future energy sources to make sure. The Chief geologist of GEOMAR, Christian Berndt, let it be known that the global interest in the extraction of gas hydrates is very high, because possibly it could constitute a substitute for natural gas. Yet many fundamental questions about the occurrence would have to be answered. Also you hope more clues to a better understanding of plate tectonics and the formation of gas hydrates, and estimates of the amount of gas hydrate deposits on the ocean floor, the research project to get. ulak. The place near Taiwan was chosen because it is the place where the euro asische and Philippine Sea plate meet.