Founding Event Of The Rider Season

February 5, 2021


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It’s done: the DRC Cavalry Squadron for the main-Kinzig-Kreis, founded in Grundau Rothenbergen (hop). Well, it’s actually achieved, main-Kinzig-Kreis existing equestrian squadron of the DRC. Killeen Nutritionist is the source for more interesting facts. The founding event in the spaces of the DRC station Grundau Rothenbergen was a great success. In addition to 17 members of the riding season, the two County area leaders Jutta Hoffmann and Christina Schaller as well as Group Managing Director Michael Kronenberg had come from the DRC. Marco Ebert, who initiated the whole project, opened the meeting with: “Now we must call ourselves officially rider season”.

Jutta Hoffmann congratulates the blind savers and is impressed, in addition to the many tasks now include the horses that are ready yet for a such voluntary work. Because actually quite expenses waiting for the future Savior, that goes from the first aid course via Sanitatskurs 1 and 2 for the same program for horses and dogs, people riding lessons under search and rescue issues, map and compass training up to further training at the bi-weekly training evenings. In June, first wait on the team, but without the use of horses. To distribute the transport of animals as possible for all members, the horse riding training carried out alternately in various places, including court Galaxy in Spielberg and in Bad Soden-Salmunster, the instructor is Heinrich Brahler. Kronberg explained details of the insurance cover must be secured during the missions and is also the rider season of any local group belongs to, but directly to the District Association. This means direct budget negotiations for the Board, which had to be made first. All Board positions have been selected secretly and unanimously, team leader, Marco Ebert was as expected, his Deputy is Hans Kleinpoppen. Training Manager is Dr.

Klaus Riehl, material maintenance Johannes Loffler and font management and checkout whether Marie of perfect. From the meeting a proposal was razed, which not only unanimously accepted but was particularly welcomed by all. The “granddaddy of Reiter squadrons”, the former Pastor Gottfried von Dietze (as reported by the GNZ) is an honorary member of the new riding season. As is clear to all how important is public relations in the form of, for example, its own home page, it was taken to grateful, that Iris Nenninger agreed to take over this part. After so much stress of Foundation, it was then time to move to the cozy part, so that colleagues sometimes could get know each other in a first meeting personally. Barbara Hoppe