Foreign Language Support

December 11, 2022


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“Foreign support for the construction sector terms we crisis”, economic crisis “or financial crisis” are all the rage these days. Almost no day goes by without new horrors of the media will be published. And yet: everywhere in the cities and towns stand giant construction cranes in the sky, it passes on deep excavation pits in which just held the groundbreaking ceremony for a new skyscraper, public buildings in scaffolding are packaged to be renovated. The construction industry seems to defy the crisis. Professional fast service translations, international foreign language service provider, therefore his team of competent and qualified translators for the construction sector has further strengthened and supported the various construction, engineering and architectural firms in international construction projects through the creation of extensive technical translations, as well as a whole range of additional foreign language services. In the field of construction are often in the Translations required different language combinations, for the entire spectrum of what is related to the construction of buildings and all types of structures. This professional translated quick service translations texts for the areas of high – and civil engineering, urban planning, track construction, hydraulic engineering, garden and landscaping engineering regularly.

We are active for the various employees in the construction industry”, according to a company spokesman. Architects, engineers, interior designers, building technician, or landscape architects who regularly need translations in the fields of building design, building permit, construction, maintenance or renovations are among our customers.” Since the construction industry is a very large industry and the relevant both in the domestic as well as foreign services, is a constantly growing demand for translations. Alone in the procurement of construction services abroad are increasingly common translations of Tender documents required. Also the translation of the resulting contracts and project documents of course among our range of services “as the company spokesman comment.