First Aquarium SSV

March 9, 2024


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A small company in the fight against big chains under water Freiburg has specialized in rare in freshwater and sea water aquaria and terrariums. The owners enjoy an excellent reputation for your expert advice and for the selection of the offered animals. For the aquarist is the beginning of the cold season, at the same time the start of the season, because people stop then replant in your apartments. People use to watch the cold season at home comfortably to make it but also to animals in the Aquarium. Those who already have an aquarium, a begin in the fall with a major cleaning and bring in the context the Aquarium technology up to date.

Just in time for the start of the season to meet the wishes and requirements of our customers and to have space on the shelves for new products and trends, this action takes place. In the Aquarium, there are constantly new products and new trends, which are constantly transforming, because our customers expect that we always up to date are,”explains Jorg Terberger one of the two owners of the shop. The pressure of competition by large firms, mainly large chains, has also increased. There are almost no more small shops like ours. For this reason, we must now in the offensive and fight for our customers “added Stephan Tritschler, the second of the two owners. Large chains benefit from lower purchasing prices due to larger amounts in the purchasing, curl with colorful worlds and can offer permanent a very wide range of customers. Because we can’t do that and have only limited resources available, we must approach closer to the customers. We need to focus on consulting and a very good selection of products.

Therefore, we have decided for the summer. “We make room for new products and thus hope the wishes of our customers in the future even better meet to Kon nen.” Mr Tritschler explains further. In the Aquarium there is currently a unique Trend towards exclusive aquariums. The Aquarium is increasingly becoming the lifestyle element and the prestige object. The time of the small veralgten basin with a few sad around floating Goldfi between is long gone. In fresh water called today Aquascaping (design of underwater landscapes), in sea water allowing modern technology that HAL-tung of fish and invertebrates, marvel at the man before a few years at most on dives or in documentary films could.”stated Jorg Terberger. The SSV to be a first small step in the big displacement battle against the all-powerful Zoo retail chain and online shops.