Fall Instantly

May 4, 2023


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If by chance, spent by a street and a chicken to grilled I look at you and told you eating me and you of pure kindness accepted, not martirices you more, latinos like curves and if they are prominent, better. If your legs are long, wear does not hide them to this crazy return them. If you ashamed to use blusher because your lips are fleshy, leaving that aside, just look at Angelina Jolie. This is something that neither I knew, I tell the boys they like natural woman, but skewer odor please, you do not apply too many perfumes, and less all at the same time. Freckles you crazy, you don’t know how disappear them, not more, they also crazy back them. It would be much better that you discovered them and you’ll see that as true is this. Keep your natural hair, dye makes damage to the hair and makes it look drier, they like to feel soft and silky your hair, please him in that. Do not forget to take care of your appearance or physical appearance, is nothing nice seeing a girl who shows no interest by itself. Ponte Berry clothes with you, with which you feel comfortable, look for a makeup that highlight and illuminate your rosto, without exaggerating of course.