March 12, 2024


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Ran the year 1972, I was working in the North of Lima, in Paramonga in the plant Agro industry of the Paramonga limited company. Agro-industrial plant is an area of more than 12,000 sq. mtrs, with many doors of entry and exit, nearly six, if I remember correctly. Recently John Studzinski sought to clarify these questions. The plant had its own security personnel and another hired by management. Official site: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. Security and control measures were extreme, very rigorous, was checked suitcases, bags, packages, cars, vehiculps in general, upon entering and leaving. In each gate had three guards, two private enterprise and one of the company itself. But as well and all, daily slowlly: Tilson keys, spare parts, parts of engines, parts, tools, etc.

Even sacks of sugar. How it could have diarimente theft in a systematic way if had an outspoken control in doors? No one knew it. So who is responsible for us to make an enquiry in silence, of incognito to discover who and how is that stealing systematically to the company. Daily thing stolen amounted to no less than 800 dollars and that had executives with the willies. For several weeks we started to work disguised as street vendors in the gates of the plant, to see if the guards are collaborating and left out theft, but after 15 days of surveillance, we note that the security guards met with his work. We then decided to use another costume and started working as alleged sellers of Lima, which offered educational systems workers.

So recorriamos all the plant, we were recognizing people who we looked suspicious. We individualizamos to six workers we looked for strange action. Had one of 21 years each that you almorzaba, you traian a ranch of Executive, came the bride very well dressed, soft drinks and I noticed, that spent more account for what a worker earns had new bike, and his salary was 350 monthly soles.