EMS Charity League Finals

December 23, 2022


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Five-digit sum of donations for KiTa walk EMS Charity League together move more! With friendly and energetic support of the Bundesliga of 1 FSV Mainz 05 and ZDF digital Mr. Prof. Dr. By the same author: Ben Dark. Ronny A. Netherlands Cancer Institute is full of insight into the issues. could give, to kick off the year’s EMS charity run Prince, academic and tutor of the European management school (EMS) in Mainz, Germany on Saturday (16.04.2011). Within the framework of the League of charity donations for selected social projects in the region should each year are collected and bundled provided, which benefit primarily children.

Therefore, the donations to the KiTa of the Lutheran resurrection parish in Mainz, which has significant structural defects after more than 45 years and that must be repaired by a modernization go this time. Motivated runners and sponsors have made this donation possible! About 100 EMS students and staff have worked passionately to this charity project for months and were happy that the final culmination of the charity League ran so successfully! The ZDF digital recorded sequences selected to get the special atmosphere and the many beautiful moments in image and sound. The active Federal League professionals Adam Szalai and Zsolt Low of Mainz 05 provided much excitement: signed as another highlight autograph cards for fans & visitors and were to experience. Some children even just collected autographs for their entire school! The barrel was also accompanied by an exciting children’s and entertainment: so the children had to make-up such as the ability to make, to romp on a bouncy castle or to try out but also many sponsored game devices of the old cartridge and walking in the sand on the search for treasures. Also for the well-being, care and offered a wide selection of food and beverages. So it was for example waffles and soups of MOM’s love, hot dogs by the young Union, a delicious pastry counter of the KiTa and a barbecue stand of the EMS.