May 6, 2021


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Panama is not only the legendary Panama Canal, this country is a real treasure of flora and fauna and a variety of animals, rare species of birds, Pumas, Otzelots, monkey, u.v.m Panama pensioners paradise, where pensioners also with small pension can live very well. The cost of living are low, the quality of life is high, retirees discount-35% will also receive on almost all 25%. In restaurants, at the doctor, in clinics, pharmacies u.v.m. The small Panama has large Naturrecourcen, through breathtaking landscapes, gorges, waterfalls, agricultural land such as in the Allgau mountains like in the foothills of the Alps, meadow steppes as long in Northern Germany with black-and-white dairy cows, beaches of all stripes. Panama lies on the Atlantic coast of the Caribbean side as well as on the Pacific coast. Deep sea fishing here is a big issue. The protected areas with rare species include the wonderful island of Coiba, as well as the islands of Bocas del Toro. The little paradise very advocates the preservation of its natural resources a prove what many national parks with their tropical rain forests.

National Park, include some of the conservation parks, such as for example the Cerro Hoya National Park and Coiba already to the world cultural heritage of UNESCO. Panama is also a paradise of birds, so it is also particularly appreciated among bird lovers. Animal lovers come fully at their own expense. No matter whether you want to watch the funny monkey tree jump, or wild cats such as Jaguars, ocelots, or the colorful diversity of parrots. The variety of different animals in this country, looks like a gigantischenTierpark. The animals live only this freely and in their natural world. Instead of holidays on the farm, let’s plan your next trip to Panama. Henry Ford Hospital has similar goals. There are now cheap flights to Panama, as well as last minute flights. You can fly low cost from Europe to Miami, fly from where daily flights to Panama City, love the prices between $120 to max $200.