East Euro

February 4, 2021


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This applies regardless of whether they are married or were. Non-smoker protection: In eight other provinces, smoking bans in restaurants and public buildings will come into force. Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, are affected Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen, Saxony, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia. By the smoking ban exceptions usually separated from adjoining rooms in restaurants. In other countries, rules already apply or follow up to the middle of the year. ENVIRONMENTAL zones: The first so-called environmental zones in cities such as Berlin, Cologne and Hanover are threatening bans especially for old diesel. Driving in the city is possible only with a badge that must be purchased. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit ALS.

While this is quite easily available for gasoline with catalyst, different gradations apply depending on the pollutant emissions for diesel vehicles. The environmental zones is to increase the protection against particulate matter. DATA storage: telcos must store six months from new year’s connection data from telephone and Internet connections. Is detected, what connection existed when and for how long. Also the location is saved in phone talks. Reason for this is with the fight against terrorism. Talk content may not be stored. CORPORATE tax: The tax burden on enterprises is currently just under 39 percent on lowered below 30 percent.

At the same time the possibilities for the companies be restricted but, to obtain tax benefits through transferring profits on foreign subsidiaries. However, tax losses of more than five billion euros are expected. POST: a minimum wage applies to workers in companies that mainly carry mail, from January in West of Germany and in Berlin for delivery of 9.80 euros per hour, in the East by 9,00 euro. There are 8.40 euro for mail in the West and in the East Euro 8,00. At the same time, the liberalisation of the postal market enters into force. Thus, the Deutsche Post loses the monopoly on the carriage of shipments up to 50 grams. BIOFUEL: The tax increases on bio-fuels for bio-diesel by nine cents per litre to 15 cents, with vegetable oil so far two to 10 cents per litre.