Destructive Load Behind Curses

October 22, 2020


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Fernando Alexis Jimenez Ni himself explains how it happened. One morning he became a martyrdom against his life. Conscience not let quiet. His parents were arguing. A heated difference by a triviality. The boy turned off the TV and went to the kitchen. Stop arguing tried to reconcile.

Go here told him his mother, trying to find an offensive term in the string of words you were using against your spouse. Go, Raul; It is matter of your father and mine continued. He walked away, but a few steps, he found that the brawl was increasing tone. Approached again but this time images were different: the father had picked an arm to its progenitor. Rabies ruled and, in a matter of seconds, he recalled everything bad that he made from his distant childhood. She pushed him and forcefully, cursed him.

Hours later was walking the streets of the neighborhood, visibly worried about the incident, and regretting that he could not back the time. Elsewhere, kilometres from there, Alexander was beside the bed of his father. The hospital was converted into a real chaos. Doctors, nurses and employees who went from one place to another. And he was there. In the depths of his heart he felt no pain nor sorrow for what was happening. Moreover, one could say that happiness overwhelmed him. In the solitude of his apartment he had cursed again and again the man who lay dying. His words, dominated by resentment, expressing his deepest desire for revenge. Forgive me told the old man, with voice between cut. Is that I failed many times. a few seconds of hesitation that seemed timeless: forgive me. Don’t want to leave without your forgiveness thick tears crossed the face of the young, but it simply moved the head. It was his way of saying that not I could forgive him, at least not now.