Dental Years

March 10, 2021


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My name is Cristina and I want to share my case with you in gratefulness with the excellent treatment that I am applied the Dental clinic Medical Clinic, in the city of Barranquilla – Colombia. it suffered of a great spacing between my teeth and that me towards feeling uncertain before the people then podia not to speak comfortably in I publish and much less to smile. After to look for and to look for I found the best clinic of the city and by means of their web site recibi a bond of $100,000 approx 50 pesos U.S. Please visit blood test if you seek more information. to use it in any dental treatment, valued to me and decided to put brackets to me, but that was indeed what habia avoided for many years by the ugly discomforts and that see jajaja. they used a treatment that is called brackets of autoligado, which the truth not pense which it had the normal results since he was visually imperceptible and the duration of the treatment was minimal then with brakets normal lasted two years (my case was serious thing jajaj), whereas with those of bound car it was of only 8 months. They went flying those eight months, as much that nor my fianc2e it south wind, increases my confidence in the university to exhibit in a 200% and the best thing is than my tooth was as of model of magazine then by my treatment they gave a 30% to me of discount in the osseous dental blanqueamiento that very economic me salio, for that reason visits the page and thus demands the coupon is for their fianc2ees jajajaja. Thanks Dental Medical Clinic original Author and source of the article