CSR Seal To The 10th Anniversary

July 13, 2022


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Cottage agency Cilentano for environmental and social sustainability certified Regensburg, January 19, 2010 which company claims not of yourself, sustainable economies? The holiday cottage agency Cilentano let deeds follow words: since this January the company for environmental and social performance is certified and has received the prestigious seal of CSR for this. Visit ALS Association for more clarity on the issue. This is the Regensburg provider of holiday accommodation in southern Italy, one of the first companies in the tourism sector, which can adorn themselves with the certificate. CSR stands for corporate social responsibility\”. Within the framework of the certification, it was reviewed in extent Cilentano assumes social responsibility, taking account of the interests of all stakeholders, customers, employees and owners in southern Italy were. The ceremony of the CSR label confirmed the social and ecological commitment beyond the statutory requirements, and underlines the just in time for the 10th anniversary celebration sustainable philosophy of Cilentano.

Tourism in harmony with nature and culture founded in late 1999 by Matthias Baldauf and Raphael Mankau, Cilentano is committed to the gentle and responsible tourism. The company focuses on small, personal accommodations with authentic style instead of mass and consorts. Customers have the opportunity to meet a still largely originally southern Italy and to delve into the everyday life of the locals during their vacation. On-site Cilentano works exclusively with local private owners, the accommodations are neither international nor national chains. In the framework of a long-term sustainable form of tourism, the company recommends an environmentally friendly travelling by train.

Passengers are referred to the initiative atmosfair, a way to compensate for the climate-damaging emissions during the flight. Is the Regensburg company \”forum anders reisen\”, which made it to the task also member of the Association since 2001, a to promote sustainable tourism development. Since ten years specializing in the target area Cilentano is the leading provider of holiday accommodation in Cilento since its inception.