Craziest Soccer Cap Of Ever Goes To The World Cup At The Start Of

April 25, 2023


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The caps – ready set fun! Food – now sets it loonyball up the football fan article market one and brings out the most craziest headdress with “Balla-Balla effect” just in time for the World Cup. The idea is simple as it is ingenious. Because the CAP the round leather like an egg are the same. Only, the football world is thus literally loonyball on the head. On May 17, 2010, the gates to the new fan shop Web site finally open. Countless combination options are available by personal color preferences to the colour code of the national teams.

Whether large or small, there’s the new loonyballs in two adjustable versions, for adults and children. A really “wacky head ball’ with great potential for the fan. Invented by a football crazy five years ago. Life on the beach in southern France. While playing soccer, the air suddenly went out the black and white comrades. Macdonald got the crazy idea… He did not hang his meager friend and worked him with scissors easy to the ‘header’ to. The first loonyball was born.

5 years later with extensive product development is loonyball than a sophisticated soccer fan articles. Football-fun, but please with level. loonyballs are made of high-quality artificial leather, made with breathable lining. A pleasant day comfort is guaranteed with cut-outs in the ear area, and with only 100 g weight. Two direct hit could hope for the football crazy loonyball: to land a direct hit with the football hat and that the World Championship again in 2010 head like are available. loonyball already seen – on the Championship celebrations of Bavaria at the Marienplatz had many top players the loonyball on the head. The loonyball has already passed the beer test.