Clinical Symptoms

January 2, 2021


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On the other hand, in the lack of the clinical picture, only the positive examination does not have diagntico value. (TONELLI, FREIRE, 2000.) The hemograma presents, with frequency, leucitose moderate, the times with shunting line for the left. The cefelorraquidiano liquor is normal, the same occurring with electrolytes. (TONELLI, FREIRE, 2000.) The acid-basic alterations are decurrent of the acometimento of the respiratory musculatura for the contraturas, leading to the insulficincias respiratory. The eletroencefalograma and the eletromiograma do not present characteristic alterations that can contribute for the diagntico. The sricos levels of creatinina fosfoquinase they are increased, without none another meaning. (TONELLI, FREIRE, 2000.) ' ' The treatment of the ttano includes the desbridamento of the focus and measures of sustentation.

The main used medicines sedative, muscles-relaxadores of central or peripheral action, eventually the curarizao of the patient and ventilation mechanics, antitetnico serum (human or animal), beyond general measures of supports. In the serious ttano, the patients kept with life and without complications reach the cure from the tenth day of illness. ' ' (FOCACCIA, 2005) They cease the paroxsticos espasmos and hemodinmicas alterations, remaining only the muscular hipertonia. The treatment of the ttano is divided in treatment specifies inespecfico or symptomatic treatment. In the specific treatment, the desbridamento of the focus, antibiotics and the immunization must be considered (passive and active). (FOCACCIA, 2005). For Tonelli, treatment of the ttano is eminently symptomatic. It does not have routine rigid, and the treatment goes to depend on the intensity and the gravity of the illness.

Not yet a method is known that increases the detoxifico rhythm or that it neutralizes the toxin settled in fabrics. However, the application of the available recusos inside of a difenida systematics contributes for one better prognostic, with lesser index of sequelas and greater comfort for the tetnico patient. The main objectives of tratamentro of the ttano are: Removal of the Source of Toxin Production; To neutralize the Toxin Not settled in Fabrics; Control of the Clinical Symptoms; To keep the Vital Functions and Well-taken care of Generalities.