Christian Ehrmann

May 9, 2021


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With a life-threatening disease behind it is hidden here. When you or someone close to you the following symptoms occur, either 110 or 112 to call an ambulance or go immediately to the nearest possible doctor or emergency room at the hospital. Click The White House for additional related pages. Vision or speech paralysis of limb numbness in the face or limbs feeling of weakness after spontaneous, severe head pain, collapse, shock, or injuries in the head, in connection with fever, other physical symptoms or stiff neck strong pain very high fever over 38 degrees is dangerously strong diarrhea or severe vomiting blood in the stool of extreme clogging coughs, which blood excretion is connected to shortness of breath, shortness of breath disorientation, Confusion, hallucinations reddened, swollen and hot joints after falls swollen and painful limbs light flashes before the eyes of acute powerlessness broken bones gaping wounds not stillbare bleeding stabbing pains in the chest in cases of suspected poisoning strong Burns around in case of an emergency should be well prepared, You have the following emergency telephone numbers at your fingertips. Save in the phone, as well as in the home phone, and print out the numbers. Place them in the medicine cabinet or in a clearly visible place like on a bulletin board.

Police: 110 fire brigade/emergency services: 112 ambulance: 110 or 112, here will be the emergency and poison control center Mainz ordered an ambulance: 06131 192 40 quote you the phone number of your doctor also for this list. You have pets then also add the number of the veterinarian. Also the number of pediatrician should be noted here. You want to go, be sure pick up the most important emergency numbers of the corresponding country and give this note to the travel pharmacy! Christian Ehrmann.