Choosing Web Hosting

November 26, 2022


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Hosting can be paid (commercial) or free (non-commercial); supports Perl, PHP, SSI Technologies and MySQL databases, or without their support. Therefore choose to hosting on the basis of what suits you best – paid or free web hosting. Free Hosting On the Internet you will find a huge number of hosting providers that offer free hosting services to you. But, since it is free only in theory, spend on your funds should be pay off for the host by other means. Often – by placing ads on your Web server. Non-profit hosting, usually uses the following range of programs: web server Apache, the server computer language PHP, database server Data MySQL.

However, it appears the so-called 'professional free hosting service' – it can offer you almost the whole range of services paid hosting. When you started a major project was the most logical b to use the services of paid (commercial) hosting. And if you just started to explore the work of a web developer, or else plan to be limited to only homepage – you have enough and completely free. Paid Hosting Unlike a paid hosting from a free is paid that can provide you with a wide range of services, and effective technical support. In addition, your web resource gets second level domain name (Using a free hosting – the third). Now let's talk about some of the many web hosting providers preferred.

Of course, that each provider will tell you that he is the best, most inexpensive, etc., etc. But later it turns out that the support does not reach, or she responds with a delay, the server from time to time 'crash', not coping with the heavy load, or even come up any problems. Therefore, When you choose a hosting service, first go to the thematic forums and rating sites where you can find reviews on different web hosting providers. Read the views of customers. Working hours, which will be spent on studying and forums analysis of the responses, will pay off server stability. Every hosting provider will give you a choice of several different tariff plans. They differ, as a rule, the value provided by the disk space, possible number of web site subdomains, the limit on outgoing traffic. Of course, when you have chosen some of the most reputable hosting companies must assess and compare rate plans that they offer. Analyzing them, do not forget about what criteria should comply with the tariff plan. Note the size of disk space hosting server, you can have a large number of email addresses Install and run applications (cgi, php, MySQL) to access the website via FTP administration panel with which to monitor and control the level of resource paid for outbound traffic. Recommended to choose a hosting service with unlimited outgoing traffic.