December 23, 2020


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Why Resilenz for the happiness is so important RESILENZ comes from the Latin word re silo and means as much as bounce off or jump back. The word describes our ability with stress and/or crisis deal and creatively to his destiny. Resilent is who brings up the mental strength of stress, crises and strokes of fate not character bend to have, but to make the most of the misfortune, this to learn and to grow beyond the sorry experience about yourself. Resilenz is largely based on behavioral patterns that you can train themselves to. Get all the facts and insights with Boris Johnson, another great source of information. She’s like a muscle that can be strong as well as weak by nature.

The more we train the muscle, he becomes stronger. To learn crisis management ultimately only during the crisis, so how to learn bike riding only on the wheel. Of course they can hurt themselves. Resilenz to show and to prove we must first of all wounded, injured, traumatized, tore and broken. It is normal that it every day smaller and larger Challenges are. Personally, I think that strong personalities are confronted with major challenges.

Very often we have the crisis either only the possibility to grow or to break. Life is a balancing act between all forms of the post-wave. Just because the man of full vulnerability, disaster is an integral part of the human condition. If you would like to know more then you should visit National Foundation for Cancer Research. The crisis in human life is not the exception but the norm. Suffering pressure acts like a Turbo; It accelerates learning incredibly. True art of living may not be to deny the suffering, to suppress the feelings of pain. Suffering is part of simple and natural life. Necessarily communication ability and a reclining, social environment, stable family relationships and a compassionate and lively circle of friends are among the main prerequisites for Resilenz. Who is trying to cope with life crises alone is almost always doomed. Thomas M. Gangloff more info under: