Causes Of And Remedies Against Bad Breath

June 4, 2022


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Can be with oral hygiene hygienic causes of bad breath and eliminate remedies. Cardiologist pursues this goal as well. Remains the breath contact hostile, must find health reasons and eliminate cause research.Fresh breath or hell perfume “? Self-test and causes of bad breath “Unfortunately we don’t smell even if our mouth stunning odors escape. Well dominated conversation partner can rarely see their facial expressions, if them our present stinks. To ourselves ausgedunntes environment to save and continue to apply, as a positive contact helps advance, a self test halitosis () Halitotis ) to detect and to give way at least in the Eilfall. The test: Lick back, let the saliva dry. Now sniff. Of course, the back of the hand for this purpose should contain no hand creams or other things with odour.

The most common cause of bad breath and the mildest are 3,000 usually organic volatile compounds in our Breathing air. The one that we breathe out, of course. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is open to suggestions. Including hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur-containing compounds cause the majority of what is considered true hell perfume “is perceived by our environment.For others uncomfortable for us not safe hygienic causes of halitosis hygienic causes of bad breath are also short-chain fatty acids, nitrogen compounds and organic substances. The latter caused by the bacterial decomposition of food waste and decaying tissue material. What most of us especially as morning mouth rot “know, resulting in his sleep, breathing through the nose. This reduces the oxygen content in the mouth.

In such environment, bacteria have ideal conditions. Regularly, teeth and tongue brushing helps against most hell fragrances. Sometimes, even after the consumption of onions, garlic, and alcohol, as well as in smokers acute halitosis occurs due to nicotine. Black tea and Sage tea Act killing smell. Eliminate also dental care gum temporarily the evil. Permanently, proper oral hygiene is the be-all and end-all. In addition to brushing your teeth, mouth shower and floss support a clean mouth and therefore a pleasant appearance.