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December 20, 2022


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Holiday – it's the atmosphere and details. So, in organizing the event are equally important all directions. One well selected site is not enough for a harmonious evening. It is also significant as catering to his table, devices which had been trained waiters will match venue, the concept of the evening's specifications. ies for more details and insights. Perfect match and catering area can be achieved only if there is a serious logistics. Source: Matthew Wilson.

Concord Catering Specialists know this firsthand. In the arsenal of more than 500 covers of various stylistic directions. What is a cover? This is a complete and totally self-possessed to the smallest detail image future set table. It is important to everything from a miniature ribbon on a chair to monograms on the fork for fruit. And in each case, on any given holiday, in each room, this catering company create their own unique covers of the necessary spirit and atmosphere.

If we talk about the directions of the company as a whole, the coverings of the three lines – classic, modern and luxurious New Line Rich Style – correspond to different types of sites by its very essence. Fashionable, lightweight, artistic, progressive, New Line will suit a modern spacious rooms. It would be more appropriate than a buffet and cocktails. For mobile capital – an ideal option. And when you consider that the Based on this new line, there are mega-deals coverings for 5000, this trend is also the most sought-after in the event of a large reception democratic format. By the way, a single line of advantage – the possibility of highlight the glass tables.