At A River Cruise Holidays Enjoy And Feel Good

March 4, 2021


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“Now intense in a river cruise that enjoy holidays and feel new travel magazine whether nature and cultural experiences or the incomparable luxury of slowness” especially for holidays, such as Christmas, new year, Easter or Pentecost you can discover a fascinating world, relax and enjoy your holiday. A Christmas and new year’s Eve trip is a very special experience. The ships are Christmassy decorated. The kitchen and the service crew do their best, so that you enjoy the festive season in the Gloaming good holiday mood, with good food and best service. But also to Easter or Pentecost, a river cruise is recommended.

Because the nature wakes up, everything begins to bloom. You have much time on your boat to experience the sights and enjoy the nature. More beautiful you can not spend the holidays. Here are some examples: A Christmas River cruise on the Danube with the Arosa Bella has the Danube to the Christmas season for many a special charm. Malabsorption test spoke with conviction. Who illuminated See children eyes, should common tree decorating and the distribution in the afternoon don’t miss out. The evening then fading with culinary Christmas specialities on the ship… Danube highlights Easter enjoy six days. Four countries.

No stress. This holiday is very noisy cars and jam – on Europe’s second longest river. In a few days the exciting cities of Passau, Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava to meet with all its attractions. In a relaxed atmosphere, it goes from the Green wine miracle of Wachau to cultural treasures such as the coronation of Basilica of Esztergom. And by historical sites it goes to sporting challenges: how about BBs with biking along the Danube or a fitness training at SPA-ROSA? At Pentecost in the footsteps of the Cossacks discover you on this cruise the exceptionally beautiful river landscapes along the Dnieper, the 2200 km third-longest current of Europe. You start in Kiev, where over 1100 years ago a Viking people, the RUS, the Russian Empire founded, will witness the artistic talent of the Cossacks and Equitation and travel Odessa to the Mediterranean flowers on the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea by the Ukrainian cultural metropolis always accompanied by the whiff of history. You will find more interesting proposals for river cruise holidays in the report form on the ThemenMagazin.