Antiwrinkle Creams

April 13, 2022


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In the care of the skin, dermatologists use chemical peeling as a procedure to remove skin that has been damaged by the Sun, pigment and skin is wrinkled and is peeling with these chemicals or the use of certain anti-wrinkle creams. As the old skin is peeling, the new skin appears and is much more fresh. Learn more about this with Cardiologist. However, chemical exfoliation not delays the ageing process or in any way prevents it. This is a great option to remove damaged skin by age with a new skin giving a new appearance and youngest. Once you undergo this procedure must take better care of your skin to keep it young for longer and protect much more than the Sun. The process itself does not affect the internal ageing of the skin. If you expose your new skin to the Sun again, you will get a damaged depths, as is his pien has been damaged before.Caring for skin with chemical peeling and flaking of the skin eliminate minor wrinkles of the skin damaged by the sun spots and pigmentation, also Removes the appearance of leather. Chemical peeling will help remove some precancerous spots, and the facial scars. The slight desquamation this chemical process is used to treat acne in some cases.Chemical Peeling can damage certain areas of the epidermis as well as in rare cases can contribute to an infection and damage the healing process. You should talk with your doctor about this. Any procedure that changes the body in any way is free of risk. Formulations of the AHA are used to give a slight peeling skin, TCA is used to give an average depth peeling and phenol is used to give deep exfoliation of the skin. You can visualize the process gradually, more serious is your skin problem, deeper exfoliation can be used it. Thus, for the alterations of surface, a soft and deep wounds of a deep peeling exfoliation can be used. Your doctor will take the necessary decisions after looking at your skin and consult with you above risks and desired results, while taking, care and the discomfort that is willing to submit during the entire treatment. Deep peels are generally many more uncomfortable and dolorozos using a wrinkle cream but at the same time they produce better results, you will need to discuss these issues with your doctor before treatment.