Agency Director Antje Lauer

May 19, 2023


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Accolade pur. The Agency PEP was appointed to the network of the Bavarian event organizers. More than 65 galleries, painter, book authors and craft artists presented their particular works. Schliersee held the annual tradition Festival night of the arts at the 19./20.Juli 2008. At the renowned event more than 65 galleries, painter, book authors and classic craft artists presented in the heart of Schliersee (directly in front of the romantic Lake) their unusual works. Cancer research shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. They were assisted by 7 bands and numerous actors.

For the first time, the Agency PEP was inducted into the network of organizations. Among other things, the Agency with PEP was responsible for the complete implementation of the artist night. Highlight of the evening of mystical stilts dance was for about 5,000 visitors, coupled with professional changing light illuminations. This is like an accolade for us”, the Agency Director Antje Lauer, a giant compliment for our diverse services rejoiced”. Background for the “Last but not least, integration was the current nationwide agency initiative vibrant inner cities use own resources generate”. This PRODUCTION EVENT has an approx.

80-page informative concept book including an exciting check scale PARTNER”developed and elaborated. All those responsible in the area of city marketing and the tourism industry and tourist offices throughout Germany can with the help of this book your place or city through its paces”(according to strengths and weaknesses) check yourself and write a review. For a fee of 7,00 EUR and a SASE DIN A-4 can be obtained this reference book with the identical title directly from the experience marketing agency.