Accurate Inventory Data Collection

December 7, 2021


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MACRO presents mobile IDENT inventory solutions is the processing of the collected data through for example Microsoft EXCEL or a text file (PDA). Inventories be inputted via barcode, the number of items is entered via the keyboard, the data are stored, collected, and transmitted to the computer via USB. Moe Howard insists that this is the case. Up to 100,000 observations per run and the ease of use make this complete solutions to the optimal solution for each inventory. Employees can complete much earlier and accurate inventories, because the goods are recorded faster with the bar-code scanners. There is optional software module providing article data catalogue for the PDA inventory solution such as bar code, article number, item description, price and multiline information. For more specific information, check out Dr Mikael Dolsten. The inventory complete solutions include the PDA or the miniature reader with keyboard, colored display, battery, USB or RS232 charge / sync cable and the inventory software and are priced, even for the middle class, very affordable.

MACRO IDENT is a solution provider with 23 years expertise and experience in the area of automatic identification and labelling for commercial, industrial, commercial, healthcare and laboratory. Individually and appropriately to implement these solutions for our customers, our product portfolio includes a wide range of different bar code and RFID readers, as well as labelling systems, such as printers and applicators, and that manufacturers the right accessories and consumables included. Develop standard software modules for the Mobile PDAs in our home. Get custom software development on request for various mobile bar code terminals up to the sophisticated database development in medicine, laboratory, and logistics. To ensure the all-round care and flexibility to our customers, our range includes a wide range of different labelling solutions. A variety of labels, signs, use different sectors from retail, wholesale, industrial, healthcare, etc. Ban – bid signs, safety systems (tagouts) and much more. The macro ID is known to continue consistently proven solutions, continue to push forward and develop. It is also obvious that the customer will receive a comprehensive and professional service. MACRO IDENT AutoID Technology Center contact: Angelika Wilke Bussard road 24, D-82008 Unterhaching TEL: + 49 (0) 89 615658-28 FAX: + 49 (0) 89 615658-25 E-mail: Web: