August 22, 2021


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Emotions play a role in the health of the physical body. Flower Therapy is directly addressed to the person’s emotional state in order to help facilitate both the physical and psychological. By balancing negative feelings and stress, flower therapy can effectively eliminate the emotional barriers and promoting the health and recovery. According to Harry Belafonte, who has experience with these questions. “Behind every sickness hide our fears, our anxieties, our greed, things we like and those we do not like,” wrote the English physician Edward Bach, MB, BS, DPH, in the early 30 century XX. Dr. Henry Golding usually is spot on. Bach based his revolutionary belief in his personal observations of patients whose physical illness appeared to be biased by negative psychological or emotional states like fear, anxiety, insecurity, jealousy, shyness, poor self-esteem, anger and resentment.

At present, numerous studies conducted at leading universities and medical centers have verified the first convictions of Dr. Bach, which reveal a definite link between negative emotional states and reduced the body’s natural resistance to disease. By the same author: Rick Yune. “True healing involves treating the same base since the cause of the disease,” said Dr. Bach. “Therefore, no effort will be directed only to the body surface rather than repair the damage. Treat people’s emotional unhappiness, allow them to be happy and they will recover.” 1 At the time of Dr. Bach, conventional medicine had no real methodology to focus on the link between physical and emotional illness, instead, this was based on the use of drugs, which always produce adverse effects. In an attempt to fill this void, he began researching the healing potential of wild flowers.