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Duran Sauna

August 23, 2020


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Your health goal, the product update your warranty and prestige pioneers in Spain in the manufacture and sale of Finnish indoor saunas and outdoor Saunas Duran has recently celebrated his 50 years in the domestic market. Thanks to the influence of the Nordic countries, it enters Spain in the 1960s custom, very little known in our country, from the heat baths. Driven by the rise of tourism and the construction of new hotels in the era, sauna will imposed on a small percentage in hotels of high standing. Saunas Duran specializes already by then in the manufacture of Finnish saunas, for both public and private, launching the first domestic saunas that shyly begin to be used in home use. In the 1980s, after growing demand within the sector of products related to health and well-being and recreational construction increased sports, which is consolidated in the 1990s, the company increases its range of products that complement your line Wellness.

Today in Spain, almost all public establishments have dedicated to wellness or spa new construction areas and zones already created are increased and modernized with a big upward trend even in times of crisis. Its product range consists, among others, by: Finnish Saunas for interior and exterior: holds 2 ranges, range standard with wide diversity of Finnish saunas of special design that adapts to all kinds of dimensions and measures. Electrical equipment for sauna with design heaters range getting a totally customized environment of sauna. Products for sauna: essences of eucalyptus, peridotite stones, etc. Prefabricated steam baths: manufactured in acrylic material and equipment for Finnish brands steam baths. Private and public spas: with different features according to their use: include ozonation, music therapy, aromatherapy, Chromotherapy and its innovative spas system with turbo jets that combine the practice of swimming with the enjoyment of the relaxation.

SPA Massage

August 13, 2020


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Perhaps you have taken the decision to relax and go to a spa in Medellin, a spa in Manizales or a spa in Pereira. Go to an urban spa is a good way to disconnect from your daily life and give rest to your body and mind. But do you want a total renovation? What you’d think a country SPA? Campestre spa treatments provide the opportunity of achieving a complete renewal of mind and body. Let’s look at some of the advantages that you cannot give a spa in the city, so stay on final with the best choice of total relaxation: pleasant climate throughout the year: verifies that you have the ideal climate. Muscular dystrophy understands that this is vital information. So if in a Medellin or campestre Medellin spa spa, a spa in Santa Elena, a spa in Envigado, Bello spa, a spa in Sabaneta or a spa in Llanogrande e.g. this raining now and if in the spas of Santa Fe de Antioquia is doing much heat don’t worry!, you will find options where to find a completely different and totally pleasant atmosphere.Therefore we can ensure that there are lodgings with spa, which has a very cozy space.

Nature is always present: in a rural spa you can interact and enjoy the wonders that nature offers us, whether to go to the river or Lake, or decide to watch the birds, in the jacuzzi, while they apply the geoterapia of sludge or receives oriental massages, massage sensitive, etc. in a grandiose country spa. All of the above will be surrounded by the most beautiful and magnificent green areas, guaranteeing peace and total relaxation which in other spas near the pollution and stress of the city can not enjoy in its fullness. Philosophy wellness spa, therapies are a comprehensive experience. The objective of the spa is that you connect with itself, allowing it to receive greater benefits in terms of integral health and improving the quality of life, so that you get the harmonization of body, mind and spirit: who are experts in therapies for stress and especially comprehensive therapies including holistic massage: massages therapeutic and relaxation massages, exercises and nutrition conscious, treatments of beauty and of course, we have a wide area of water and an accompaniment of professional massage therapists. That are featured among other alternatives of entertainment by having a part dedicated to the spiritual spa or zen spa (meaning in Japanese, stability and unity of the heart), to optimize the physical stability in its users and emotional needed to have a fulfilling life, with happy hearts and clean soul.They do so through all therapies of spa and tools that have been carefully chosen to offer the greatest benefits during your stay.

The Advantages Of Being Independent

August 13, 2020


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From school, we teach our society to study and learn all the subjects relating to school, but all this so simple, to get a secure job, good job, and a good salary, everything up there is perfect a good job but can satisfy all the facets of everyday life. Not the answer is a resounding NO, as yet there is a person who enjoys his work, and this because just working 12 hours a day a person owns his own life, should be governed under the schedule established by the company must subjected to unfair amount is given as wages, in some cases even to risk his own life compared to the stress caused by work-dependent. We work to enrich another person or persons giving away our time, our physical and psychological health. Even the most powerful companies have only small target to increase sales and all operating base of employees, increased working hours. Increase productivity and reduce costs, two important priorities of our time. Our working hours do not end when leaving the office, but inevitably spread to invade the family average person must work 6-7 hours a day to offer good performance, but this count towards unemployment. What can we do to support us without giving our lives to a job that only provides property managers, the only answer is to say: "I do not give more, it is time to become independent." It took several decades and an Industrial Revolution for workers around the world participate in what was once a major battle to ensure fair working conditions, but still we are not masters of our precious hours total per day.

Orlando Retamal

August 6, 2020


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Perennial wisdom. Orlando Retamal. Holistic education and the perennial philosophy gives us the freedom to choose the path of spirituality, seeking new challenges for the good of oneself and others. A new world. Isabella Colalillo Kates .

When you take away the conditioning that we can actually see that everything is in flux, the most important thing is to see things and people as they are and give us that we are all interdependent and therefore we are connected to nature . David Fontana Working in an appropriate location to allow contact with nature greatly helps students develop their skills, evaluate their progress themselves, together with the teacher talking about their own learning process and thus is not just to educate work but to face life. Sacred spaces. Sheri R. Klein . Start preparing for a change of attitude to help us wake up the misunderstanding which we, as the knowledge of the truth we have always brought within ourselves is only the inner awakening. Skip to empty.

Allan Anderson Politicians should put their attention to the needs of citizens, to do this are aware of their shortcomings and always fought for development and welfare of most citizens. The Bodhisattvas are political. Gregory Wilpert . Education today is based solely on the transmission of knowledge, apart from spiritual formation, which is what really satisfies us, and not having it seek to fill that void, without getting anywhere, so there are many problems now especially youth. Log in spirituality.