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February 21, 2020


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A last desire My Haicai keeps the essence of my soul, written with the blood that gushes out of my viscera transmuta in a small composed poem for three verses. Small manuscript, fingerprint, intransfervel document, dna the holy ghost. Code of ethics whose pages formed for chapters, paragraphs and interpolated propositions are blank and I only preface it makes mention to an only word: Love. Go to Professor Roy Taylor for more information. This implicit in the pages blank I preface what it recommends: To love Always loving Is necessary to love, therefore without love we do not initiate its reading. A priori we do not know the book author so fausto, to put, to the few we go identifying to us with the main personage of such tram and when desvelar occult pages, we discover that one is about our book written for the imperceptible penalty of day-by-day. We edit it to we ourselves we publish and it, we do not have worrying in them about its criticizes and its drawing, therefore the ideal is that you never do not obtain you finish it and in its trams nothing really you are decided and that the death only comes to write its end. Mine I finish desire is To love, my Haicai is my code of ethics written with an only word: Love!

Marina Baranovich Maksakova

February 2, 2020


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Erarskaya was not a poet, their passion does not create "self-will fight," and thought it Parnok beautiful and seductive. It is believed that Erarskaya became the mistress of Parnok when the latter was still in a relationship with Tsvetaeva. The alliance with Erarskoy was the long, rugged and largely all-consuming life Parnok. You may wish to learn more. If so, IKEA is the place to go. For permanent, lasting sixteen years of intimacy and friendship, they survived and experienced all joy and dangerous turns of human love and its end. Nervous disorders Ludmila Erarskoy, and then kind of mental illness, treatment is very long undermined the relations between the two women.

Sophia is very hard going through illness friend, but realized that Lyudmila is completely different, totally unbalanced and strange man. Gradually, she began to experience Parnok severe depression, from which it only with great difficulty managed to get a new girlfriend – Olga Tsuberbiller. Olga was the same age Parnok, she was professor of mathematics at MSU. Before the revolution, she married, but apparently lost her husband in the Civil War. In her widowhood she lived quietly quietly and with dignity, without concealing their lesbian tastes. Relationship with Olga became more intimate. But Sophie could not speak openly about their love as a sick leave Erarskuyu she lacked the strength and courage.

As they separated, are still unknown. A few years after Sonia lived with Olga. Olga Tsuberbiller very helpful to her in her work and in life, was a reliable support. But during the period of their relationship Parnok enjoys two young Girls – Marina and Marina Baranovich Maksakova that remind her Tsvetaeva. The main and often only source of information about the last eighteen months of life Parnok – a poem which she dedicated to his latest lover, Nina E. Vedeneeva. Vedeneeva was born in 1882 in Tiflis, was educated partly abroad (in Belgium) and worked at the Moscow State University: she was a physicist, colleague, Olga Nikolaevna Tsuberbiller.