July 3, 2022


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Virtue is a kind of health, beauty and morality of the soul. Plato probably sometimes we found with very ironic people and their behaviour has affected us, disturbed, as probably also we we’ve behaved and acted in ironic way, in a sarcastic way. We are told, that irony is a rhetoric figure which consists of express burlescamente, the opposite of what you want to communicate, using a tone, a gesture or words that hint at the interpretation that should be done. Since then, irony in different facets and according to contributions that will have bequeathed us, like some that outlining can manifest itself. The truth, as Wikipedia, the Greek term which comes from irony, tells us?(eironeia), it means ironicus.

The rogue or Simulator (irron) pretends to ignore what they know. Socrates made a skillful use of irony to unmask the Sophists: he approached them as a humble apprentice and was them on issues that, in theory, dominated. Little by little, with their skillful questions made it obvious ignorance of the alleged wise adds us, that irony is a terrible contradiction arguer. Intonation originates when, by the context, or the body language is given to understand the opposite of what is being said. The intention that generally have a perspective changes based on actions or effects of which moves by external possibilities. When the irony has a very aggressive intention, is called sarcasm. In written language, the ironic intention made explicit with an exclamation mark enclosed within parentheses, using quotation marks, with a smiley, etc.; Although there is also a sign of irony itself that (?), proposed in the s. XIX by the French poet Alcanter de Brahms, however did not extend its use, until the advent of the Internet, when you begin to use in instant chats as luterking very interesting contributions about the irony that Socrates us He bequeathed and well knows, that irony is the first of the formulas used by Socrates in his dialectical method.