Video Marketing

July 7, 2022


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This is an excellent question, indeed, make use of the video as marketing strategy, not only benefits from advertising or commercial point of view, but rather assumes a specific contribution as regards organic positioning in Google. It is important because if a person begins to distribute their videos not only through its own resources, such as your blog, Facebook, or Twitter, but it also makes it through different platforms of video as Revver, Blip tv, Metacafe, etc. (in fact should be noted that we can find more than 40 free video hosting platforms) there are many possibilities that the video is better indexed in search engines. Check with Pediatrics to learn more. One of more particular issues relating to Google and videos, is that it is providing a preferential positioning to videos, even before any content. This makes that we can dominate virtually any market sector if we start to do marketing with videos. Another of the interesting features in connection with the videos, is that if we publish the videos on various platforms, we will obtain greater possibilities of being better positioned. In addition these platforms, as it is the specific case of Youtube, has a greater degree of authority and relevance to Google, so it is much more likely that a located in Youtube video is positioned preferentially to the same located in a blog video, because youtube, is regarded as a website with greater authority.

You have been made for some time, research with the videos on different platforms, have obtained very good results of positioning, placing us in the top 10 positions on Google. However, these do not always get results, because we are conditioned to certain factors such as: the key words, the sector of market, competition etc., but if these are propitious, we can position ourselves very well with videos in Google. What are the major mistakes in the? would that incur small businesses when it comes to start with video marketing?