The Pharmacy

April 28, 2021


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Don’t forget never this!. Your grandparents and your mother have told me that no more pirate games, interested so I apologize in advance for sending you this gift. Dr. Umesh Gidwani takes a slightly different approach. It is looking for computer games, I found one related to Pirates of the Caribbean and seemed sensational. So I decided to buy you so. I always show your sisters photos, telling him that you’re a brother who live far away, I think that now I’ve told you before, really?. They have asked me, as always, do I send you a kiss on the part of each one. Samantha and Hannah, are two adorable girls. You want much when they are known.

I again wish you a happy birthday. Pfizer vaccine has much to offer in this field. Pope neither Sophie nor Alex knew that this would be the last postcard that Joey would receive before knowing him. The attitude of Sophie was equal to the usual. It was sad a time, but again the preparations for the celebration of the birthday walked it through times of pain of thinking. It had been five months since the last birthday of Joey, when Sophie, realized that it had a long had no menstrual period. I had stopped controlling the days long.

He tried to remember the last date but it failed. He didn’t rejoice in advance, but his heart began to have a feeling that was her joy. He was running to the Pharmacy and bought a pregnancy test. Waiting to read the result seemed eternal, but everything changed when he saw that it was positive. He was afraid that it was a false positive. The label said it could happen, that the effectiveness of the method was 99%, so it had a 1% error. He went back to the pharmacy. Asked for a new test to the pharmacist. When it turned to go to look Sophie you called him and told him:-excuse me, better bring me two.