The Mind And The Paranormal Divination

July 23, 2019


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The word mind comes from the latin mens, mentis; and the Greek nous; It is defined as the intellectual power of the soul; will, available to one that is expressed with words or with a foreign Act; intelligence.For philosophy the mind, is the same human soul as soon as it is beginning of the Act of understanding.By what often is used as equivalent of the word understanding.Both in Aristotle, Cicero and Thomas Aquinas; the word mind serves to signify both the soul and your intellectual faculty. Research conducted by the Father Oscar Gonzalez Quevedo: from extraordinary facts ancient times caught the attention of mankind. The Persians, Hindus and others, knew and practiced divination.The verification and analysis of certain extraordinary events occupies a prominent place in modern scientific research.For centuries has been ignored by science explanation of these prodigies; as old as humanity.Whether real or imaginary, natural or attributed to superior forces, they have always attracted attention and curiosity of the man.The Babylonians, the Persians, the Etruscans practiced divination and evoked the spirits of the dead. But the historical vestiges that survive from those as old towns are very few. In the Bible there are many allusions to prodigies; for example:-the fantastic wonders performed by the magicians of Pharaoh, in fight with Moses and Aron, until those surrendered before the heads of the Jewish people, saying: the finger of God is here-the case of King Nebuchadnezzar, converted into beast; kickoff for the abundant literature on the men he was Wolf.-Jose has tormented dreams and interprets dreams, also prophetic of the Pharaoh.The condemnation of divination, spiritualism, sorcery is seen in numerous texts of the Bible; telling us that it was a very common practice.The modern school of parapsychologist Rhine used the expression: body perception; another parapsychologist called Tischner; He preferred to call it: body experience. As the word experience, it also implies a relationship with the sense; It prefers the expression body behavior; for those who are not on par with philosophical concepts. Professor Roy Taylor oftentimes addresses this issue. The terms body perception and its acronym ESP or GESP (body perception in general); they were published in the first International Symposium of parapsychology in 1953 at the University of Utrecht, Holanda.Alexi Didier known throughout Europe for his visionary potential; He commented that he could see the hidden things, as we see all things visible. It was characterized by duration and continuity in their psychics; the degree of complete almost habitualmentesus games of cards with blindfolded eyes (knowing letters yours and those of your opponent). Was named the famous magician Houdin; that intervene in the experiment to discover the alleged fraud; staying totally admired this phenomenon to which He attended of which couldn’t give any explanation through his art.Alexis Didier closed books reading, was a common experience. In the section health will find fascinating articles related with the power of the mind; so that you attract into your life whatever you propose; In addition to other quality issues. Original author and source of the article.