The Marriage

February 18, 2018


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Not to verbalizar its difficulties with its partners, was a taboo, that before in the decade 50 happened comumente, therefore grows each time more the number of people, as many women how many the men looking for the doctor’s offices to clarify its you doubt and to look explanations for its sexual desires. In recent months, Jane Figueiredo has been very successful. The boarded subjects in clinic have as characteristic its variety. Homosexuals, doubt between the career and the spouse, marriage go since conjugal relationships you conjugate where them live in separate houses, steady union, conjugal, recasamentos triads, separations, immaturity among others as much. Each one of these situations generates different challenges, and its psychological and social repercussions place the necessity of a bigger agreement of what this happening in the conjugal relationships. From the especificidades boarded for the film, and in search of answers for the conflicts and you doubt that they reach the couple, the sistmicas therapies of if studying the relation as a whole if has detached.

They had used as focus, the interpersonal relations, observing the verbal and not verbal type of alliance established for the couple, communications, the way as each one influences and is influenced. In accordance with Bastos & To find (1994), the main defining characteristic of this end of century is certainly, intense and sped up process of transformation lived for the societies. Transformations these that also affect the conjugalidade. Berger and Kellner (1970), when arguing the institucional relevance of the marriage, stand out that, since Durkheim, it is a place-common one of the familiar sociology that the marriage serves as protection against the anomie of the individual. Being an instrument of nmica construction, the marriage has as social function to create for the individual one definitive order, so that it can try the life with a certain direction. It stops these authors, the reality of the world is supported through the dialogue with significant people and the marriage occupies a privileged place enters the significant relations validated by the adults in our society.