The International Olympics Committee

December 18, 2022


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Chairman of the Commission on the Environment ioc Paul Schmidt said that, despite all the challenges and difficulties China faces in its development, the city authorities have done everything possible to reduce harmful emissions and reduce pollution. Air quality in the Chinese capital on the day of the Olympics exceeded standard indicators for the better, deputy head of Beijing's environmental protection management Doo . been told that at the time of the Beijing Olympics almost halved the number of vehicle was stopped operation of all industrial enterprises of the capital and its suburbs, as well as 'dysfunctional' factories in neighboring provinces, have been 'frozen', all construction sites in Beijing. Others who may share this opinion include Professor Roy Taylor. On the street the city went more than 20 000 new buses with hybrid engines, or gas-fired. According to the head of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge, the Beijing air poses no danger to athletes Olimpiady.My hope that the environmental situation in the Chinese capital will be safe during all Olympic starts and wants Russian athletes successfully perform at the xxix Summer Olympic Games in China! Rare 'Desert' elephants and wild dogs in Namibia threatened with extinction Environmentalists are sounding the alarm – a rare 'desert' elephants in Namibia threatened with extinction due to the fact that the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of the South African countries issued a permit to shoot three adult males. Namibia alarmed conservationists like the authorities' decision, which threatens the survival of entire populations of elephants, who managed for generations adapt to the harsh life in the desert.