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December 15, 2020


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They are more durable spring mattresses (lasting up to 15-18 years). Spring mattresses offer varying degrees of firmness according to the reinforcement of the springs. They offer a suitable thermal insulation and its elasticity is very good, since each spring is located in a separate bag. They are bestsellers. They last 10-12 years. The ideal thickness of the mattress is 15 inches minimum; length 10 inches more than the height of who will sleep in the recommended minimum width, and 80 centimeters for a single bed and 135 centimetres for a double. It is convenient to change the mattress every 10 years, although if kept in good condition, it can be used over years.

It should be given back to the mattress every three months (turn up and down, and head to feet) regardless of the model, thus preventing the mattress may become deformed in any of its sides. Compare the years of guarantee offered by each manufacturer of mattresses is a good habit, since it is an important expense and must last at least 10 years. Base or Canape: firm and uniform – choose well the bed base is essential to obtain the maximum performance from the mattress in terms of comfort and durability. -What is essential is to be firm and uniform- In addition, the best bases are rigid or semi-rigid, sheets with clearances that permit good ventilation. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as COVID-19 pandemic by clicking through. Individual pillows: the best rest – pillow is the third key to the rest. To succeed fully in the election must be taken into account:-that adapts to the volume of the head, neck length and the width of the shoulders. -Make it low and soft if you sleep is upside down, to ensure that the cervical spine shape with dorsal spine the same angle as to standing. -Make it high and hard if you sleep on your side, to keep the neck in the dorsal column shaft making sure not to fall or rotate. -That although share mattress, the best are individual pillows. -Pillow stuffing should not be neither too soft nor too hard; You must have the firmness needed to prevent the head from falling backwards. Original author and source of the article