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Steam Inhalation

April 21, 2021


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Most difficult to perform inhalation children of the first two years of life. The most acceptable way, as do inhaled is probably this – to sit with the baby in the well protoplennoy sauna or steam bath. For the same purpose can be use the bathroom. Ancient way – inhaling steam over a pan of boiled potatoes under a blanket is good that he has no burning effect. Pairs stand out for long enough and do not have to heat water or add boiling water. It is not something Sleep disturbances would like to discuss.

Instead of potatoes you can use special drugs charges, intended to alleviate the throat and exit easier expectoration. As well helping with the inhalation of mineral salts or mineral water brought to a boil. There are variations of this method is suitable in our conditions: the child seated next to a pan in which the boiling water or cooking the potatoes and cover with an open umbrella. Continue to learn more with: larotrectinib. Inhalation lasts 20 minutes. You can use another method of inhalation.

On the nose zakipevshego kettle put on a tube, folded from a sheet of paper, and child care draws in pairs. Duration of procedure 10 – 15 minutes. In Maker can throw 1 tbsp. spoonful of chamomile or sage. The effect of inhalation in this case will only intensify. You can also add essential oil of tea tree or eucalyptus in the dissolved salt. I inhaled to alleviate the throat, as a method treatment of various respiratory diseases, has several advantages over other methods. Medicinal substances contained in preparations, essential oils can act directly on airway mucosa, without affecting other organs, as this method of treatment room. Spread over a couple of drug particles are rapidly absorbed in the lining of the respiratory tract than similar products by the action of drugs, but hence, faster acting. Take care of your health and be happy!

Treatment Of Vitiligo

December 13, 2020


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Treatment of vitiligo with the use of medicinal plant preparations were carried out common and external. Patients were encouraged to include in the diet foods containing photodynamic substances, such as buckwheat, parsley leaves, parsnips, sorrel, celery, quinoa, spinach, nettles, figs. It is known that photodynamic substances increase susceptibility to UV rays, so in some cases additionally recommended the following drugs. Parsnip as a decoction (2-3 tablespoons chopped leaves or 2 teaspoons crushed roots, or 0.5 teaspoons of crushed fruit in 2 cups of boiling water) – 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day chilled. Maggie Crotty may also support this cause. Of parsnip for the treatment of vitiligo develop drug beroksana. Stinging nettle leaves in the form of infusion (10.0: 200,0-15,0: 200.0) – 1 tablespoon or 25-30 drops of liquid extract 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. Topical liquid extract, tincture of the leaves or sap is rubbed into the pockets of depigmentation. Psoraleya kostyankovaya from which isolated domestic product psoralen.

Psoralen treat girls to be careful, as it accelerates puberty, the development of sexual characteristics. E. N. Cherniak (1964) indicates satisfactory treatment of vitiligo juice of the leaves and green figs of the ordinary outward and inward; Tadzhibaev TT (1972) notes the positive effect of alcoholic solution of fig juice stems externally. Leaves figs and psoralen kostankovoy obtained psoberan domestic product, which is used in the treatment of vitiligo. Inside vitiligo prescribed herbal containing copper: a succession of herb as a tincture, arnica mountain in the form of infusion of flowers (10,0:200,0) 1 tablespoon 3 times daily or tincture 30-40 drops before meals 2-3 times a day with milk or water.

Best Biostimulant Treatment

October 9, 2020


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Ambrosia best biostimulant treatment of premature aging, promotes male potency at a very high level into old age, providing a powerful effect protivoskleroticheskoe Perga – it canned medovofermentnym composition of bee pollen-obnozhka, folded and rammed by bees in honeycomb, which took place lactic fermentation. Learn more about this topic with the insights from muscular dystrophy. In this process, pollen grains are transformed into "hlebinu" – so called ambrosia beekeepers for its special importance for the bees. If no more honey bees can live, without pollen bee family dies. This unique product is never enough – pollen produced by bees in a limited quantity. It can not be artificially cultivated or fake. Ambrosia – food for bee larvae, which is a highly protein-lipid-vitamins, enzymes enriched bee.

Exactly combination of vegetative (pollen grains) and animal (own bees) enzymes provide a force pollen. Enzymes (enzymes) control the biochemical processes in the body. They are proteins produced in plant cells and animal organisms. Their action can be compared to catalysts – speed up the metabolism, but they are not nearly at the same time well spent. Their action is based on the fact that they combine with the molecules of a substance that should be subjected to chemical transformation and facilitate the process. They also act as "homing nurses." Once in the body through the gut enzymes associated with transport proteins of blood and then accumulate in the area pathological process, by providing anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory effects. quoted properly. Enzymes – these are natural stimulants Belly pollen bees, they form a three-day period in the cardiovascular, hematopoietic, nervous system and gastrointestinal tract, and their mass increases in 1500.