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Thai Boxing Muay Thai

October 19, 2023


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Thai Boxing is a fascinating sport, which calls for much of the fighters. The national sport of Thailand is the Thai Boxing or even Muay Thai. Muay Thai is a martial art without weapons. Muay Thai is derived from the art of war in Krabi Krabong. The Thai national sport is very aggressive and requires a high knowledge of the body. Who would like to practice Thai Boxing perfectly, you must complete many hours of training. Muay Thai, Western boxing is similar to some techniques.

The sport has influenced decisively the boxes. But not only the fists are used other than in the boxes at the Makina Thai. Feet, shins, head, elbows, and knees are used as in the fight. In all bodies of the enemy must be attacked. Only the strips may be no target. At today’s Thai Boxing, the fists with boxing gloves are protected. Spiritual ceremonies accompany the sport. At the beginning of a round, the necessary respect is paid to the teachers and the school.

The fighter enters the boxing ring in brightly colored clothes dressed by the music one Orchestra. According to the statutes, the fighter wearing red and blue Boxer shorts. The homage testified the fighter, he bows in all directions. The honor is given to the teacher, the school and the spirits of the boxing ring. Then, the fighters at traditional Muay Thai fights do a slow dance that will attract the attention of the audience and demonstrated the power of the Boxer. To heat the atmosphere during the fight, the Orchestra plays faster and faster. Muay Thai in Thailand has about the cult status as football in our regions. Each province has sports clubs. Huge fan club watch the competitions together on television at restaurants and noodle shops. The sport is gaining popularity and is one of the best martial arts world. Hardly an other martial art has the skills and resources which brings the Thai Boxing with him.

Navitum Pharma

July 16, 2023


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Mitigate the health consequences of smoking of course it’s not like that before anything happens. The acute risk of a heart attack begins to decrease after a few smoke-free days, the pulmonary values improve after a few months and the risk of stroke decreases after a few years. Often we are asked whether not to speed up the recovery process. To Dr. Gerhard Klages, biologist from Wiesbaden: There is now fairly simple methods to reduce some of the negative consequences of smoking and to speed up the recovery of damaged tissue. So researchers have now found that the serious acute inflammation in the lungs of smokers are caused by an imbalance of the antagonist of oxidants (free radicals) and antioxidants (vitamins C and E). In smokers, these antioxidant vitamins are much faster than in non-smokers consumed. If so, intake of antioxidant vitamins to the oxidative imbalance is corrected, then it should also succeed, to mitigate the negative effects of smoking.

Exactly that Researchers have now demonstrated. (A valuable related resource: Jane C Figueiredo). Managed by the simultaneous intake of vitamin C plus vitamin to mitigate the inflammatory processes in the lungs of smokers. Moreover, other researchers were able to show that also with this particular combination of vitamins C and the elasticity of arteries maltreated by smoking again can be improved. There are so good chances that smokers can do good health based on modern research. You can protect some lung and blood vessels with the right combination of vitamin C and vitamin and support the repair process.” The CorVitum product is recommended for this. It is based on studies for the prevention of hardening of the arteries, and to reduce the negative effects of smoking, because it contains vitamins C and in the special form. For only 32 cents on the day can smokers and ex-smokers with CorVitum (PZN 0243079) do something good for their lungs and vessels, and thus the negative consequences of smoking a bit better to remove.

CorVitum is available in pharmacies or available directly from Navitum Pharma under. In a special promotion, everyone can order the 3-month Pack CorVitum directly at Navitum Pharma shipping. Source: Silva Bezerra F et al. nutrition. 2006;22(11-12):1192-201.; Salonen RM, circulation.

Ice Harvester machine

July 11, 2023


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One of the most essential conditions for creating high-quality surface of the ice surface is the presence at the rink ice harvester ( machine, ice resesurfacer). Get more background information with materials from Cardiologist. World leaders in production are IceCat, Olympia, Zamboni. Ice harvester moves across the field rink on a certain route, which is being developed based on the size and site of exit vehicles on the ice. Restoration of the ice surface must be made as quickly as possible to not to take up a good time to the rink. Ice harvester performs 3 tasks: 1. Cleaning ice and snow crumbs, which cut into the blade skates, and the truncation of the upper loose layer of ice. This is done with a knife. The length of the knife in different manufacturers is 190-220 cm knife is attached to the so-called carriage.

The carriage is a node that resides behind ledozalivochnoy machine and has a vertical stroke, controlled by hydraulics. The knife cuts 3.8 mm layer of ice. Depth of cut-off depends on the angle of attack with which the knife pressed to the ice. This parameter adjusts the operator of the ice harvester. It depends on the extent of irregularities and violations of the plane of the ice mirrors. Cut away the snow baby with the snow is caught with a knife system of screw augers and served in a special bunker. Snow hopper has a capacity of 500-1200 liters.

2. Cleaning and removing dirt from the ice. A water tank fed hot water through the cleaner on the ice. When This is washed off the mud, the remnants of the ice chips. Residual water collected rubber knife. 3. Fill the ice. From the second water tank hot water pours through the holes on the knife and poured evenly onto the ice, while flooded and filled with cracks and fissures. The ice surface at the same time turns a monolithic and smooth.

The Diet

May 13, 2018


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Hereby, the exact amount of calories can be calculated without causing fat storage. With regard to the taking of food, care should be taken that is eaten not only once a day, but several times on the day. This ensures that the body always with sufficient nutrients is provided. This applies in particular to training rich days because there is naturally increased the consumption of nutrient. It is therefore always necessary to have enough proteins in the body for proper muscle growth.

No muscle growth is possible without these proteins. Proteins can be basically the food included. Eggs, meat or soy protein are suitable for this purpose. In addition, is it is still understandable alternatives such as milk or whey protein. In addition to the intake of protein, the body needs fats even.

This is because the fats are essential, and not produced by the body can. However, is this also ensure that many fats be included because they otherwise may be stored. Fats are essential, because they provide for the function of the joints and as they are able to save certain vitamins. The athlete should take care when taking fat out to provide only so-called good fats. These are vegetable or even fats of fish. Is also taking into account that the athletes enough vitamins fed his body. Vitamins promote general well-being but also the immune system. Is especially important for bodybuilders that there is always sufficient vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 promotes muscle growth and strength. In addition, should include minerals such as calcium, magnesium, etc. to the daily diet. This strengthened the bone or shortens the regeneration time. The intake of liquid is very important and often ignored in the diet. The body needs a lot of liquid for the daily work. In particular to training times, the body can lose up to 2 l / h of liquid. Therefore the athletes should lead to regular new fluid his body. This offer to use, since it then also required minerals the body on some fruit juice spritzers and vitamins back. Even understandable, also protein shakes or other fitness drinks are just as helpful. It should however be careful, what nutrients are currently missing and accordingly selects the desired fluid. Total can now be said that the diet for the reach of the training objectives of one of the key factors is. For every people and athletes should be sure however individually which nutrients he needed. This is in particular on the various types of sport, because other nutrients are consumed according to sports. The above applies to a solid muscle gain, however. The training plan or the Diet plan should be adapted in addition regularly.