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Muscle In My Sleep With Weider Casein

May 17, 2019


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All Weider bodybuilding and fitness fans can look forward! There are casein Weider 100prozent now also available in Germany. The latest dietary supplement of the American manufacturer Weider is 100% casein and delivers a high-quality and effective source of protein for muscle growth and regeneration. Casein is the main ingredient of milk proteins. It is slow to digest and provides for a delayed delivery of contained amino acids. Because coagulates the casein in the stomach, the amino acids can be split only slowly.

They occur as a result in lesser amounts, but more permanent in the plasma (time released). Therefore, casein for the construction processes is suitable during the sleep cycle. At night the most construction and repair processes in the human body take place verifiably. They require a deep, stress-free sleep, on the one hand and on the other hand, a steady supply of sufficient nutrients. Weider casein can meet this demand, because it delayed to the musculature of the emitted and thus a long period the necessary Provides building blocks”. Weider casein consists of 100% pure calcium.

This contains very little carbohydrates and fat and is ideally suitable for diets or definition phase. Thanks to casein, the need for high-quality proteins can be cover in the evening without risking an increased fat storage by carbohydrates. For this reason Weider can serve 100% casein in addition to its main function as night time protein as a snack during a diet. The casein supplement Weider undergoes a special manufacturing process, which is why it contains less than 1% lactose and is easy to digest. Because of its low lactose content, 100% casein represents also a good alternative for athletes with lactose intolerance, lactose intolerance. Weider casein is to 100% pure contains hardly any fat and carbohydrates, low lactose, is delayed time absorbed by the body and is ideally suited as a night time protein. Weider casein is available in cans to 1.8 kg and in three delicious flavours Vanilla cream, chocolate cream, or red fruit cream. Every day, about should (corresponding approximately to a measuring spoon) with 300 ml milk or water in a shake mix 25 g casein powder and take approximately 30 minutes before bedtime.

The Diet

May 13, 2018


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Hereby, the exact amount of calories can be calculated without causing fat storage. With regard to the taking of food, care should be taken that is eaten not only once a day, but several times on the day. This ensures that the body always with sufficient nutrients is provided. This applies in particular to training rich days because there is naturally increased the consumption of nutrient. It is therefore always necessary to have enough proteins in the body for proper muscle growth.

No muscle growth is possible without these proteins. Proteins can be basically the food included. Eggs, meat or soy protein are suitable for this purpose. In addition, is it is still understandable alternatives such as milk or whey protein. In addition to the intake of protein, the body needs fats even.

This is because the fats are essential, and not produced by the body can. However, is this also ensure that many fats be included because they otherwise may be stored. Fats are essential, because they provide for the function of the joints and as they are able to save certain vitamins. The athlete should take care when taking fat out to provide only so-called good fats. These are vegetable or even fats of fish. Is also taking into account that the athletes enough vitamins fed his body. Vitamins promote general well-being but also the immune system. Is especially important for bodybuilders that there is always sufficient vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 promotes muscle growth and strength. In addition, should include minerals such as calcium, magnesium, etc. to the daily diet. This strengthened the bone or shortens the regeneration time. The intake of liquid is very important and often ignored in the diet. The body needs a lot of liquid for the daily work. In particular to training times, the body can lose up to 2 l / h of liquid. Therefore the athletes should lead to regular new fluid his body. This offer to use, since it then also required minerals the body on some fruit juice spritzers and vitamins back. Even understandable, also protein shakes or other fitness drinks are just as helpful. It should however be careful, what nutrients are currently missing and accordingly selects the desired fluid. Total can now be said that the diet for the reach of the training objectives of one of the key factors is. For every people and athletes should be sure however individually which nutrients he needed. This is in particular on the various types of sport, because other nutrients are consumed according to sports. The above applies to a solid muscle gain, however. The training plan or the Diet plan should be adapted in addition regularly.

Muscle Building And Muscle Training

May 9, 2018


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Background knowledge on the subject of bodybuilding and muscle building. The muscle can build muscle, or even muscle training, at home or in the gym will operate. Here are various devices available, such as E.g. Cross Trainer, exercise bike, or even power machines. There are different types of muscle building: speed strength, maximum strength, endurance or even endurance training. The typical bodybuilding is usually meant with muscle but. Preventive Medicine Research Institute is the source for more interesting facts. Muscle building exercises is distinguished in the exercises. Examples of muscle building exercises: basic exercises (squats, push-ups), isolation exercises (biceps, triceps) & isotonic muscle training (holding exercises).

Targeting different muscle groups are trained in muscle building. This is done with either free weights or weight-training machinery. Muscle building should have an increase in muscle mass to the target. Contest Prep or just as a hobby. Muscle is used but also in medicine. Talk to a small extent (exercises at home), E.g. muscle training After a herniated disc.

Furthermore, is a healthy muscle building is suitable very well for coping with stress. It is also excellently suited for personal well-being. More info on the topic of building muscle: continue to regular muscle training stimulates the cardiovascular system, as well as the endurance. But how does muscle building? During strength training, the muscle is fatigued. After the training, this should get time to regenerate. As a result the muscle grows, as it adjusts to a higher burden, say a new fitness training. Therefore called super compensation when the muscle. The same thing happens in a continuous and regular training. Therefore, the regeneration phase after a bodybuilding training is very important. Because only in the regeneration phase, E.g. in his sleep, a muscle is growing. A regeneration period of 48 hours is usually sufficient. It is thus avoided also Overtrain. An overtraining would mean, feels tired, beaten-up & you have little desire for training. This could you get after again with a work-out in the smallest stage in the handle. Building muscle can be operated as well as competition. Here, the typical bodybuilding is of course to name a few. Of course, sports nutrition is also a topic in bodybuilding. Let this creating is a diet plan by a qualified technician. Dietary supplement can be fed as a support to build muscle. Proteins speed up the regeneration time and creatine also positively support the muscle. Generally, doping, say illegal substances should not be used when the muscle!

Supplements In Sport

May 3, 2018


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Why do I need supplements like proteins, weight gainer and other nutritional supplements actually? Supplements, you can improve your well-being, vitality and energy. By the same author: Dean Ornish M.D. Optimum nutrition is not guaranteed (for example by an additional diet or an otherwise unbalanced diet) in an active training deficiencies can occur, which slow down not only your performance but can endanger your health. Dietary supplements, such as protein and weight gainer or creatine, glutamine, are offered in many fitness stores. But what are Nahrungserganzugsmittel at all, and how they used reasonable? According to the food supplement Regulation is a dietary supplement called also supplement, that a product that is designed, which represents general nutrition supplement a concentrate of nutrients or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect, alone or in composition and dosage form. in particular in the form of capsules, pastilles, tablets, pills and other similar forms, sachets of powder, liquid ampoules, bottles with dropper inserts and other similar forms of liquids and powders for inclusion in measured small unit quantities, will be placed on the market. Perhaps check out Dean Ornish M.D for more information.

They are used so the improved supply of metabolism or the supply of nutrients, which are the body not in sufficiently available for specific reasons, for example when active endurance or strength training. A pregnancy can make the use of supplements make sense due to the partially double demand for vitamins and nutrients. In both cases, more nutrients are needed by the body as is the normal mixed diet. Whose lack can be offset by taking of nutritional supplements. Why do I need supplements? Supplements, you can improve your well-being, vitality and energy.

Is not an active workout optimum nutrition guaranteed (for example by an additional diet or an otherwise unbalanced diet) deficiency symptoms can occur, which slow down not only your performance but can endanger your health. With food supplements, which represent a nutritionally optimized combination of highly concentrated macro – and micro-nutrients, you can prevent these deficiencies and ensure that your body is always supplied with the most important nutrients. Medicines are dietary supplements? Dietary supplements from drugs are purely visually indistinguishable as their formulation extends powder sachets of tablets and capsules. However, they are not considered as drugs and include foods from a legal perspective. The reason is one that they must have no side effects by legislation and (May) cause no changes in the body as opposed to drugs. However, needs for health Reasons on the packaging a recommended daily dose may be indicated. This maximum amount of consumption should be exceeded under any circumstances. Under certain circumstances, an intolerance against certain ingredients can occur for example against the contained sweeteners. In this case you best a doctor. Other side effects are not expected.

BCAAs And Muscle Building

April 26, 2018


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BCAA’s can build under BCAAs faster lean muscle mass refers to the three branched-chain amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. These amino acids are essential amino acids, meaning so much, that they must be carried to the diet on a regular basis, because they themselves can be produced by the human organism. The BCAA’s are used in practice mainly in the field of sport and are popular here. They have the reputation own anti-catabolic properties, which were identified in scientific studies several times. This means that the supply of BCAA’s can counteract a protein degradation in skeletal muscle. Degradation of metabolic-active muscle tissue mainly occurs when athletes train very hard or long and send them at the same time not sufficient amounts of carbohydrates and calories. The higher but fails the calorie and carbohydrate intake, the effect of BCAA’s to becomes less Muscle breakdown. The usage of these amino acids before a workout, to protect the muscle mass that makes so especially in times of a diet, and here in particular the implementation of a so-called low carb diet sense.

However, the BCAA’s can even more. So could be determined, that particularly Leucine able is to promote protein synthesis, so the rebuilding of protein structures and especially of muscle protein. Considering this fact, it has now also added value to the use of BCAAs through special supplements if one’s goal is to build as much muscle. This effect in combination with full and leichtverdaulichen proteins and quickly digestible carbohydrates with a strong influence on blood sugar levels is particularly impressive. Strength and fitness enthusiasts who want to renounce on the isolated use of BCAAs should revert then Alternatively after the workout to a food or a food supplement with high BCAA content, muscle building and recovery processes to support most effectively and efficiently. An excellent source for these amino acids is a high quality whey protein that has a higher than average proportion of branched-chain amino acids with about 25% of its amino acids in the protein. Who aspires to the optimum, which should consume 5-10 g BCAA s immediately before the training and another 5 g immediately after the training, along with a shake of whey protein and dextrose or maltodextrin.