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Schizophrenia Of Precocious Beginning

June 13, 2018


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Schizophrenia of precocious beginning (for: Carmem de Melo Rasp Birth) Epidemiologia the schizophrenia in daily pay-pubescent children is very rare and the boys seem to have light superiority enter the esquizofrnicas children (1,67 boys for each girl). The beginning tax increases significantly during the adolescence. Rare it is diagnosised in lesser children of 5 years of age. The prevalence of schizophrenia enters the parents of affected children is of 8%, almost the double of the prevalence of parents of esquizofrnicos at the beginning of the adult life. The upheaval of the personality is similar to the adult schizophrenia in relation to the inapropriada affectivity, extreme magical thought, quaint beliefs, social isolation, ideas of references and illusions. Preventive Medicine Research Institute brings even more insight to the discussion.

However it does not have psychotic manifestations. As cited for Ferrari (2003, P. 298), ' ' The prevalence of the schizophrenia with beginning in infancy is told as 2% of the prevalence of the schizophrenia with beginning in the adult age (BEITCHMAN, 1985). Other studies have indicated that the prevalence of schizophrenia in infancy is less of what 1 for 1000 inhabitants (BURD, 1987), and that the prevalence of the schizophrenia in lesser children that 15 years is 0,14 for 1000 inhabitants, 50 times almost lesser of what the samples of beginning enter 15 54 years (BEITCHMAN, 1985; VOLKMAR, 1988). Rapoport (1997) believes that, in the years daily pay-puberais, the upheaval is more rare of what the infantile autismo, that, for the majority of the researchers, has a prevalence of the order of 4 cases for 10.000 children. Etiology Despite the genetic studies evidence a biological contribution for development of the schizophrenia, no necessary biological marker was identified and the mechanism of transmission of the illness is not understood.

It has a bigger prevalence between relatives of first degree of what in the general population. The high taxes of agreement for monozygotic twin, very superior to the dizigticos, evidence the contribution still more genetics. Kendler; Diel, (apud FERRARI, 2003, P. 298) affirms that genetic factors have significant paper in patognese of the schizophrenia and the notion of that genetic factors can be gifts in the precocious schizophrenias it was observed in two classic studies (KALLMAN, 1956; KOLVIN, 1971). The neurodesenvolvimento can be also related to the direct cause of the schizophrenia. Weinberger (1985) (apud FERRARI, 2003, P. 298) it listed the evidences that favor the arguments in favor of the hypothesis of the neurodesenvolvimento: 1 – increase of the frequency of small physical anomalies 2 – increase of exposition the virus in the period native daily pay 3 – increase of obsttricas complications 4 – cognitivas and neuromotoras alterations daily pay-mrbidas 5 – citoarquitetnicas alterations in histolgicos studies 6 – not gradual cerebral morphologic alterations in neuroimagem studies 7 – cerebral morfomtricas alterations without glucose in autopsies At the moment, no method trustworthy it can identify people with bigger risk of schizophrenia in determined family. Although this, higher taxes of light neurological signals and difficulty to keep the attention appear between the groups of children with high risk. Some results, not specific, had been detected in computerized cat scans (TC) and eletroencefalograma (EEG) of patients with schizophrenia. Affected children and adolescents have greater probability to present description daily pay-mrbido of social rejection, bad relationships with colleagues, pertaining to school reclusion and difficulties of what the affected ones in the adult life. The biological and ambient mechanisms that produce the manifestations continue under inquiry.

PPP Development

February 25, 2018


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For in such a way, one becomes necessary to know, we cannot content itself with fragmentos. Certain that in the present time many educators, are they inside or are of the classrooms, is unaware of the importance of the psychological factor in the learning, many continues to treat pupils, are they of any ages as adult in miniature. When the stages of development are not known and respected, a rupture in the education process occurs learning, we commit serious errors when we dissociate learning and development: * We do not lead in account where period of training the pupil is, and prepare a lesson in accordance with what he attracts in them. * We leave to use the playful one. * We exactly do not make use of the diverse forms of language, preferring unconsciously the one that pleases in them. * Our look is limited. * We do not use of material concrete, or we exaggerate in the use of this material. * We also can, to take a criterion of invariant development as something, deducing that all must reach definitive platform at the same time, or with the same age, forgetting that this can be relative and to move of person for person.

We need to be prepared to understand the personality as a process that if constitutes and develops for all the life, thus we will see positively the complexity in the relations established between the citizens, and the load of knowledge and values that each one loads I obtain. Exactly because the school is an ample space of socialization that exerts great influence, therefore, it is essential to flexibilizar the rules and the papers between all the agents taking them it reflection on diverse subjects. This happens when we allow expressing of the other, not being only with our vision of world, we must use of the motivation and the diversity, either cultural or mdiatica it, not seeing enemy or disturbing the technology only as, but bring it for our side using with coherence and the domain. It is respecting the diversity that will have the inclusion. It is accepting the difference between us that we will understand and tolerate the difference that comes of is; free to disagree, however, without preconceptions. We are, yes, different, we have our particularitities, what it must be equal, is the objective of because we are here. Everything this must inside be seen of a social context, involving all the community, that will have to positively add with ideas and action, elaborating a PPP democratic, causing integrated and liberating practical one. Andreia Detogni

The Marriage

February 18, 2018


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Not to verbalizar its difficulties with its partners, was a taboo, that before in the decade 50 happened comumente, therefore grows each time more the number of people, as many women how many the men looking for the doctor’s offices to clarify its you doubt and to look explanations for its sexual desires. In recent months, Jane Figueiredo has been very successful. The boarded subjects in clinic have as characteristic its variety. Homosexuals, doubt between the career and the spouse, marriage go since conjugal relationships you conjugate where them live in separate houses, steady union, conjugal, recasamentos triads, separations, immaturity among others as much. Each one of these situations generates different challenges, and its psychological and social repercussions place the necessity of a bigger agreement of what this happening in the conjugal relationships. From the especificidades boarded for the film, and in search of answers for the conflicts and you doubt that they reach the couple, the sistmicas therapies of if studying the relation as a whole if has detached.

They had used as focus, the interpersonal relations, observing the verbal and not verbal type of alliance established for the couple, communications, the way as each one influences and is influenced. In accordance with Bastos & To find (1994), the main defining characteristic of this end of century is certainly, intense and sped up process of transformation lived for the societies. Transformations these that also affect the conjugalidade. Berger and Kellner (1970), when arguing the institucional relevance of the marriage, stand out that, since Durkheim, it is a place-common one of the familiar sociology that the marriage serves as protection against the anomie of the individual. Being an instrument of nmica construction, the marriage has as social function to create for the individual one definitive order, so that it can try the life with a certain direction. It stops these authors, the reality of the world is supported through the dialogue with significant people and the marriage occupies a privileged place enters the significant relations validated by the adults in our society.

Jefferson Maleski

October 21, 2016


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Altruism: Love or Egoism ‘ ‘ All man is happy being to who loves satisfied. The altruist is happy when teaching the happiness to its redor. Dean Ornish M.D understood the implications. The scholar is happy when the humanity knows what she is to be happy. The egoist is happy while nobody will be happyer than ele.’ ‘ (Happy Jefferson Maleski) Who we are, what we are, what in the ones of the pleasure, what saddens in them. To help who needs is goodness source? When we help somebody, we are making this for love to the next one or are making for pleasure in knowing that we are in better situation of what the other. Many of us we live in asylums, hospitals, penitentiaries, churches, with the mask of the goodness, but it will be that really we are so good thus, for, supposedly to be helping the others? The pleasure in helping is very great, but generally makes, it, for pure egoism, feelings that many times we hide behind the mask of the goodness. Two phrases analyze these below, are accurately what we use to convince the people to help ‘ ‘ necessitados’ ‘: ‘ ‘ – We have that to help the others, therefore we are in a better situation that of them – ‘ ‘ We have that to help, therefore tomorrow who knows is we who we will need ajuda’ ‘ The point is this that I want to arrive, has d of who this underneath, sick person, getting depressed, with financial problems, psychological and diverse other problems.

Therefore it is only as soon as we are in helping, therefore to need itself we will be helped; EGOISM behind the mask of the goodness. We feel happy in being able to help, we feel ourselves satisfied in having done something of good, this happiness nothing more is that the pleasure that we have, not in helping, but, repeating, in feeling that the others better and can beat in the chest and say that it obtained to grow more than somebody. Then, always we have that justifying in them for being well. To be better that they outrem, does not become in them bad, bad, simply made something that in the ones of this privileged situation. It is much more easy comparing in them with less the most favored, therefore thus we will be always superficially, on the other hand, if we will be in to compare with the most favored, we will be always underneath and having that to improve, this of the work to the egoist and takes off it of the comfort zone. Alive in peace, without having that to show that you are well, she is happy, alive for you and does not stop the others, all have the same possibilities, some use to advantage, others not and you are not responsible for who you do not use to advantage the possibilities that the world of, alive the happy one. If it does not feel happy in helping the needed ones, is felt sad, therefore somebody needs this needing aid, the world will be better when nobody to need aid, when the people will be self-sufficient for its proper sustenance and happiness. ‘ ‘ Much people ruin the life with an unhealthy one and exaggerated altrusmo.

Freud and the Unconscious

April 3, 2014


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When it is thought about Sigmund Freud, then comes the association of the name with the Psychoanalysis that was its creation. The concept of unconscious is intrinsic to the Psychoanalysis, in way that if was to all summarize in a word knowing psicanaltico, this word would be the unconscious one. Freud elaborates the psicanaltica theory in the end of century XIX and first half of century XX. The unconscious one penetrates in the culture occidental person and science, however being used to understand some signals of the human behavior, however being banalizado and ignored for the psychology of the conscience. At the same time where Freud is enaltecido by its ousadia in creating a new science, also it is escorraado and criticized for that they had not accepted the psychoanalysis. However, it can be hated and be contested Freud and everything what it represents for the history of knowing after-modern, but is necessary to admit its necessity for the understanding of the society and the human psiquismo.

It looked for in this text to point out the sprouting of the psychoanalysis in historical context philosophical, where Freud lived, Victorian Vienna of the end of century XIX, whose spirit is marked by a great faith in the science, illuminated for the lights of the reason, of the rationality; The freudiano paper and concept unconscious its in the interior of the psychic device, as well as its forms of manifestation in the conscience through the acts defective, encobridoras souvenirs and dreams. 1. The CONTEXT OF the SPROUTING OF KNOWING PSICANALTICO the Psychoanalysis is the science created for Sigmund Freud little more than the one hundred years. Freud was a Jewish doctor, neurologist and psychiatrist of Vienna of the second half of century XIX. To understand the historical and philosophical context of the sprouting of the psychoanalysis is very important, therefore the psychoanalysis did not appear of the nothing.