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Riverdance – The Final

July 16, 2022


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The world-famous dance formation on farewell tour Irish tap dancing and Celtic music. This is Riverdance. By March 2010, the world-famous dance formation is once again on the German stage. Last chance to see the show before the dance spectacle good bye and says farewell live: the original Riverdance goodbye forever. Over 2 billion viewers worldwide have seen the show and even after 14 years, the enthusiasm is undiminished.

In Germany alone, Riverdance has completed so far 1,248 appearances. 4.2 million enthusiastic spectators have visited the show. The dancers and dancers have slice dances in more than 1000 pairs of shoes”and have the earth can go around with the number of their foot steps 200 times. Now, they tell the emotional story of the Irish emigrants who meet people from different cultures in their new home of America one last time. The first suspicious meeting held Irish and American tap dance, flamenco, by means of different dance styles Kasatschok, break dance. 62 feet move not only breathtakingly quickly, but also absolutely synchronously. The unit of music, dance, rhythm, light, and the archaic sound of quilting legs generate goose bumps. Riverdance was first presented during the Eurovision Song Contest 1994 in Dublin as seven breaks performance.

The soundtrack was 18 weeks ranked one of the Irish charts. Ticket sales for the first full-length Riverdance show in the point Theatre began in Dublin in November 1994. Later the curtain to the final rises 15 years and a world-wide success. Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt: February 19, 2010-20:00 February 20, 2010-15:00 / 20:00 February 21, 2010-15:00 / 20:00 ticket price: 50.75/56,50/73,75/91.00/102,50 tickets can be purchased at all known ticket agencies, as well as the ticket hotline: 01805 – 57 00 00 (* 14 Ct. / min. mobile phone rates may vary) or on the Internet under: and are purchased. ACE Entertainment GmbH