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PowerPoint: Slide Battles There Is No Winner

July 8, 2023


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Effectively present despite PowerPoint projectors on and off goes the multimedia show with charts, tables, bullet lists, and occasionally rocking animations. This keeps the audience at the bar and impressed the boss. A mistake, because everything what you achieve is boredom, refusal and not impressed listeners. The communication expert Anita Hermann Ruess shows how despite PowerPoint informative and inspiring presentations make. Hardly a medium suitable for better, to talk to his listeners into a trance, as the duo video projector and PowerPoint. A technique that was originally intended to make life easier for us presenting, has becomes independent – perhaps precisely for this reason -.

Open PowerPoint and enumerate all in key words and expand it a little. That goes fast and is easy – and is so tempting. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jane C Figueiredo. As long as your competitor is also present and your participants know only this standard, you can go ahead so no big loss, because in free competition, that’s it if you just a little bit is better than the competitors or the opinion of opponents. Do you know this situation? Sit as a participant in a presentation. Room: darkened easily.

Quietly humming the beamer. Front: a man. He handled with cables and connectors. Around you: Colleagues, your superiors. You give a coffee and sit back sceptical and closed. Amidst the murmur, man begins his presentation there. On a bright big screen is: “Welcome!” He looks at the wall and repeat what you have already read: “Welcome”. The participants sink deeper in their chairs. What comes, you guessed it: the professional film battle of the bullet. Well structured, with perfect pictures, animations, even with video and 3D graphics. With lots of text, with many advantages, with apparently high benefits for you and your colleagues and superiors. Master with one designed by a prestigious advertising agency. The film pops up slowly, expands and shrinks when the output again, while in the semi-darkness one monotone voice reads the charts with the many enumerations, overlooking starr focused on the brilliant films.

Nurnberger Trichter

July 6, 2023


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Without real interest in the subject matter learning difficult are you will always learn many understand incorrectly as an empty vessel, in that you can fill a knowledge with a funnel at will her head. This principle is called Nurnberger Trichter and is also widely used as wrong. Because the vested interests, the equity motivation as well as the personal likes and dislikes also play an lentscheidende role in learning. A topic may be interested as much, if you don’t want to learn a part of it or he currently isn’t you, you will have great difficulty to learn the material. Because not any kind of knowledge can be any fill up in the head.

So, try to get involved in the learning itself. Accept the fact that your emotions take much stronger influence on your actions, as we commonly perceive it. To read more click here: Heart Specialist. Then you are much to learn faster and with more fun. Because, what we really want to do, what we feel, what makes us fun and what we us inspire can, we learn that much faster. And on every issue it seems that certain aspects more interested in us than others.

So, find out where it draws you in right now and go there. Even if you need to learn a specific quota of fabric, this technique is possible. Simply peruse the contents of your textbook or your script and feel what topics interest you the most. If you start then right there and fix with the learning, you will progress much faster, because you have themselves introduced and taken seriously your wishes and your current condition. You may find that Eiji Hara can contribute to your knowledge. Interestingly, then also part of sections of the theme are interesting by this approach we found not so exciting at the beginning… This method is contrary to much of what we know about learning. Most people think unconsciously that you should work through a textbook example from the beginning to end. However, it is not necessary to learn a substance in this way. It is quite “allowed” to follow a very own chronology- is it your personal interests. Your benefit: Your learning is self controlled you are much higher motivated, it remains in the memory and the whole thing is more fun. Is important to keep a record on the content prepared. So you can get all required knowledge according to your own interests and forget any important information here. In this way, you are always in the right mood. namely, the State of relaxed attention.

Competence Participants

June 13, 2023


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GOING PUBLIC! Academy for Finanzberatung AG offers immediately a new check airbag for the 34f competence testing ‘Financial expert system administrator Chamber of Commerce’. Berlin, July 4, 2013 with the end of the transition period for 34 c-holder can financial service providers now offering new benefit from: the check airbag allows a further training and a specific exam preparation, should not be achieved the goal of testing existence. Our participants are typically to be built easily their exams at the first attempt. Our institutional customers called last quotas of existence of in the cut over 90% “reported Dr. Wolfgang Kuckertz, CEO of GOING PUBLIC!.” The functioning of the check airbag: 1 there is a GOING PUBLIC! Participants despite the mutual efforts the written part of the examination, the complete eLearning area without ifs and buts for more is not so released three months. 2. The face-to-face training to prepare for the oral exam can be repeated, if the oral exam is not passed, although the participants was present during the entire exam preparation.

With well over 1,500,000 answered online tasks and about 4,000 participants our course models are already optimized, that we are able to offer such a testing airbag. For the participants, means greater security in obtaining their professional permit. “, explains Mr Dr. Kuckertz. The check airbag will all participants automatically are available, with the next start date on the 01.09.2013 a course to prepare on the competence examination pursuant to section 34f GewO (financial expert system administrator IHK) at GOING PUBLIC! Start Academy for financial advice. It is irrelevant what course model is selected: the classic Variant in the blended learning concept, the Online-V@riante with live seminars in the virtual classroom, or the myTraining variant for intermediaries who are already technically top fit.

User Experience

June 4, 2023


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PLUSTWO – user experience for all () Prof. Dr. Simon Nestler held from October 2012, PLUSTWO – user experience for all (www.plustwo.de) practical training in the field of user experience and usability. The declared objective of PLUSTWO training is to solve the specific challenges of companies in the field of user experience. In this context the PLUSTWO enter training on the concrete meaning of the user experience for the success of your company, present the methodological approach for better user experience and forward it, practically on the concrete user experience to apply these methods challenges in your business. Good user experience leads to positive experiences of use of, positive experiences of use lead to satisfied users, satisfied users lead to successful products and successful products are essential for your business success. You leave the PLUSTWO training with a practical application and implementation competence in the field of user experience.

The activating training is based on the joint selection of relevant to you as a participant training topics, where the number of participants be kept deliberately low to deal with heterogeneous preferences. In the course of the joint exploration of selected topics active listening, exercises and group work in the PLUSTWO alternate training, to maximize the learning experience. In a brief final project training in edit the PLUSTWO then a concrete practice example from your company. A target group-oriented representation of user experience issues lead to a faster and more sustainable learning success in the SchulungsteilnehmerInnen. Therefore the PLUSTWO are not structured training after the five training topics, but after four primary audiences: user experience in sales & marketing (make user experience to the central selling point), user experience in software development (systematically increase the user experience of your software), user experience in product management (control the user experience of your product innovations) and user experience in Startups (conquer markets with good user experience). In the context of the target group-oriented PLUSTWO training you choose as a participant from the following training topics at the beginning of each training the particularly relevant topics: Basics (UX design and UX engineering), focus (application in focus, users in focus and usability in focus), expert knowledge (UX through simplicity, UX by personas, and UX through storytelling), experiences (innovative user experience, complex user experience and search experience) and concepts (5 levels of UX, 6 + 1 Concepts of complexity, 8 methods for good UX, UX cheap examine and UX in the company).