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Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

December 27, 2021


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Palatine – Roman hill where once stood grand imperial palaces and temples. Now, most of them in ruins, but these ruins hold an extraordinary story. For example, the foundation of the temple of the god of the sun tells us the story juvenile emperor Elagabalus pervert. Elagabalus was a native of Syria from the city of Emesa (modern Homs). The name that they gave him at birth – Bassian Vary Avita. Later he was given the name Marcus Aurelius Antoninus.

He became emperor at age 14, thanks to the intrigues of the mother of Julia Soemiya and his grandmother Julia Mesa, sister of Julia Domna – the wife of Septimius Severus. In Ames, Mark Averly Antonin was the high priest of the god of the sun (solar Baal) – Al Gabala. "He was in a lush and beautiful age of the youths of his time. Center for Colon Cancer Research USC may not feel the same. When he officiated, and the manner of barbarians, danced by the altar to the sound of flutes and flute, people looked at him more than the usual curiosity, and especially – the soldiers, who knew that he was of royal lineage, and to the same attraction it attracted the eyes of all "He arrived in Rome together with the sacred black stone, which was regarded as the abode of the god El Gabala (or Heliogabalus). Marcus Aurelius Antoninus went down in history under the name of their god – Elagabalus. On the Palatine young priest raised the stone a new church, intending to proclaim the supreme deity of the sun god.

At the time, as traditional Roman religion and God Jupiter Elagabalus did not complain. The new god Sol Invictus – Invincible Sun, donate a lot of animals, were made generous libations of wine amphorae old. All the most sacred relics of the Romans were transferred to the temple of the god Sun: Fire Vestals, the legendary shield of Mars and the Palladium, to show that the one God of the Sun is above the rest. Elagabalus feasts and orgies, entered into homosexual relationships. Five times he was married and the same time divorced. But the only known three wives. The first – a noble Roman woman Julia Cornelia St. Paul, where he married Elagabalus in 219, and 220 were already divorced on the grounds that Julia Cornelia had physical disabilities, deprived her of honors and awards. The second wife was vestal Aquila North Elagabalu not prevent that Vestal gave a dinner of chastity. Senate young emperor wrote that he embraced the passion with which he could not resist, and the marriage of the priest and Priestess is a proper and pious. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. brings even more insight to the discussion. But a year left Aquila Elagabalus to marry Anii Faustina, Marcus Aurelius, the genus and the widow of Pomponius Baso, who was killed Elagabalom. The marriage did not last long, Elagabalus went back to L'Aquila. It is known that in a woman's dress came Elagabalus married to a blond slave Gierokla. And he loved, that he beat him for violation of 'adultery'. Another well-known lover of Elagabalus – Zotikov, an athlete from Izmir. Elagabalus often Ruling seen dancing with a chariot or heavily painted eyes and rouged cheeks in silken robes barbaric. Elagabalus did circumcision, appealed to the doctors with a request to make him a vagina. He often imitated prostitutes or took them into his palace to discuss sexual techniques and positions. Dissolute behavior, extravagance and folly of Elagabalus caused chaos in state affairs and Elagabalus was assassinated in 218 Praetorians, and his body thrown into the Tiber. Black Stone was sent back to Ames.

Top Goals

June 15, 2021


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The goals must be personal, have value, must be specific, realistic, attainable and attainable. Third party. To establish a priority to its goals. Evidently, they will not be possible to be obtained at the same time all. Some will be able to be obtained in short time, others will require more preparation and work. For that reason he is very advisable to settle down goals to short, medium and long term.

The date, the term, that pays attention is important since it will allow us to concentrate our efforts. Quarter. To establish an action plan to carry out everything what it is necessary to turn his dreams in fact. It analyzes the resources and means available as well as the personal development that is required to obtain their goals. Day to day does what it is necessary to approach his goal more and more.

This to drive newspaper it must become a habit. Periodically (every week) it reviews his plan to see if one is being fulfilled or if it is needed to carry out some corrections; all this without changing its goal. The goals are obtained little by little. Fifth. To be persistent. It is not necessary to be discouraged before the obstacles that can be presented/displayed nor before the critics of other people; this is something that we are going to find within all process of improvement or change. All the obstacles, whatever their nature will be surpassed with our determination and will. Nothing or nobody will stop to us or turn aside than we have seted out. Sixth. It celebrates his victories, it celebrates each goal that fulfills to automotivar itself and to maintain the enthusiasm. It is necessary to enjoy the personal profits, by minimums that are since thus we will feed our spirit on joy and happiness. In order to obtain what you wish in the life must have goals, to crystallize them to know exactly what is what wants to obtain, to write them so that the subconscious mind knows what is the important thing for you and you formulate a plan of action with dates fulfillment limits. It has faith, absolute confidence in same you and with optimism, enthusiasm, will and determination carries out its plan without letting itself win by the obstacles that surely will find or reason why other people can say or think. You can if you think that she can. Zig Ziglar, motivating expert, book author numerous of motivation, in its book See You AT the Top (we will see ourselves in the summit) express: ” The people with goals are successful because they know towards where they go Is as simple as esto”.

William Shakespeare

March 16, 2021


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Accordingly, you will not be assume a new era and new era of the Enlightenment, as the era itself actually was not at all, and yet this epoch in fact did not exist. Because up to now not so much the actual words of Immanuel Kant, the task of disclosing such age ('Reshis be wise! "), but the words of T. Macaulay:' The child is receptive and listening to the instructions of the trust of senior, hands down the best hope. Adult is a person who is with child credulity to any alien opinion, deserving of contempt. The same can be said about the people. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with blood test. " By the way, it is this understanding permeates all the works of William Shakespeare: The crowd is like seaweed in the sea: Pokorny variable flows, they are floating there, then here and there – rot. So. At the junction of the current outgoing era and beginning mochalogolovosti nemochalogolovosti era was already clearly visible, which is not quite right was not only the 'algae', 'feather (Flutes), the common people '(the same William Shakespeare), but with the same' trends', 'trends' that are themselves treated as such.

That is, at the beginning of XXI-st century is not just one rotten 'crowd', but all the 'Danish kingdom' as a whole. That is, a new era nemochalogolovosti is completely objective basis, or rather a necessity. Well, those who have at least some minimal representation of the relationship of time, know that 'no power against the need and the gods' (Pittak). However, those who believes, for example, in the Christian God, and so we know that the future is only for people who have found wisdom, that is, become nemochalogolovymi. And Muslims know that the most harmful for the country people – people 'makes the second before the first step.

" And people just need to understand something: "The power of time – it's the law respectable." And, realizing this, start doing interconnected, naturally, to the practice of people coming out of the findings underlying the Act materialized in each person of the eternal truth of interconnected elements of coexistence of past, present and future in every Mige being and being human. And beginning with these conclusions do they come out of the shameful state 'Algae', 'pushinok' and 'horns' and become self-reliant people (Seneca: "What is true, then my') and actually mature. 'Maturity – it is all' (William Shakespeare). In this case, probably, and so it is clear that only the age of maturity of the new era still also can not call.

The Studs

March 15, 2021


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In the absence of special key, you can use the four-sided key that is available to motorists. ic. The ideal place would be dismantling the piano non-residential premises, but most likely you will have to conduct the operation in the apartment. So free of unnecessary items room, try to make it a corridor. If you work alone, it is necessary to note that for security purposes will require a significant amount of time. In this case, do not forget to the start of work to prevent young children, the disabled, elderly, people suffering from mental disorder in this room that, as said before, do not put them in a negligence injury. In place indiscriminately to cover the floor with several layers of cloth-product, we mean living quarters, as the later, you will need to pour water Pegs mechanism for less physical effort by twisting groves of virbilbanka. Originally decide the question of lighting, the more you have lighting, the better will be your work.

It should also be provided for the disassembled parts sladirovaniya piano. Transgress to the immediate dismantling of the piano. Remove the upper and lower lids, they are fixed with 2 turntables and one for the upper strut to the bottom, respectively. Remove, traffic on a ledge (the cover covering the keyboard). Pull gammerbank (Hammer), which is fixed with 2 or 3 screws, removing them first. In some cases, the studs are sitting tight on the basis of the mechanism so you have to with a hammer gently dislodge them from the seat.


October 21, 2020


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The compulsive Eater needs emotional support to thrive in your diet and lose weight without suffering. Coaching offers a training to deal successfully with the most intimate sticks related with overweight and food addiction.This programme is an innovative and powerful experience carried out in privacy, directly reaching the heart and deep awareness. Others including cancer research, offer their opinions as well. It is the ideal partner, a little like having a coach on your side, to shore up in the follow-up of your chosen diet. Coaching unlike lightning treatments or fast descent is not concentrated in food or in the calories count.-focuses on developing the capacities of the individual, to correct their way of thinking and in enhancing its response capacity. CEO Mark Thompson brings even more insight to the discussion. It helps to give impetus to a plan for improvements by installing in the practitioner status determination and hope. Gunnar Peterson shines more light on the discussion. Unlike plans Lightning, the experience offered by the coaching of exterior appearance from improvements favored inside, see enhanced is sealed as transformative and rewarding and lasting experience.

The gift book, one day diet, full of tracks to generate self motivation and banish the habit of postponement helps to improve the general layout of the person embarked on a treatment for weight loss. Lets check using the head get most comprehensive improvements in body and State of health. Unlike programs that abuse of the forces of desire, (wear them), the coaching strategies inspire innovative mental forces that instead of wearing out, van stacking be and empowering the individual providing the path of transformation. Coaching searches for transformation and toward her guides the practitioner through guides and exercises. The person concerned, with their practices, get them.

Unlike diets that include medicines, coaching teaches to help with Bach flowers. The flowers of Bach remedy give conflicting emotions; far from numb, they help the individual to awaken to a new consciousness; they are impacts of beneficent energy that never cause dependence or addiction. Undesirable habits will soon be diluted without additional and unnecessary effort and the individual progresses to preserving good health and the State of radiant humour. All practitioner checks for yourself to lose weight and maintain the ideal weight, it is imperative to use the reasoning in a way strategic, invigorate it, energize it. As checks records their progress that the body will always go where the mind takes you. If you are ready and prepared to do what you have to do soon will have to verify that diets alone will do nothing for you, that no well-meaning advice will work on you unless you apply is to properly exercise their mental abilities and to invigorate their best emotions to make it work.