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Company Formation In Cyprus – Establishing An Offshore Company Formation?

November 7, 2022


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Founding an offshore IBC within the EU with the lowest tax rates in the EU. Cyprus has a Greek and a Turkish part, the Greek part of the island is EU full member and is excellent, if you think about asset protection and wealth preservation or with his company would like to establish a holding company in Cyprus to reduce the tax burden to a minimum. The Republic of Cyprus is a full member of the EU since 2004 and has introduced the European single currency euro in January 2008. Cyprus is one of the best sites as a starting point for a company formation worldwide to conduct international business. In the last few years Cyprus has become worldwide one of the most important business and financial centres. The University of Chicago is often quoted as being for or against this. Tax advantages, relatively low cost of living and many benefits that are granted to international companies, get more and more companies were founded by branches on the Mediterranean island. Cyprus is located at the intersection of three continents in the Eastern Mediterranean. Cyprus is far from the most important centres of Europe, the Middle East and Africa less than four hours.

In addition the favourable Mediterranean climate with mild winters and long dry summers. Energy Capital Partners has many thoughts on the issue. On the other hand is the excellent infrastructure of the country for the establishment of a foreign company. European standard of living, minimal crime rate, a modern health system, a sophisticated telecommunications system, a banking system with freedom of movement for foreign currencies, professional services at a high level: all of these factors are incentives for foreign entrepreneurs. To be added the enormous financial perks, that take advantage of international business companies (IBC’s) on Cyprus. These include among others: no deductions of dividend taxes lowest corporate taxation within the EU with 10% rate of corporation tax partnerships are fully tax exempt branches also don’t pay taxes, if they are redirected outside Cyprus Full adoption of capital gains tax, with the exception of in Cyprus real estate sales ems consulting is active since more than 10 years international management consulting company, global business operates in the field of business consulting, and specifically in the area. Contact: ems consulting limited & co.kg-Pressestelle-Kathe-Kollwitz-str. 60, 04109 Leipzig, Germany phone: + 49 (0) 341 46 79 40 fax: + 49 (0) 341 46 79 419 E-Mail: Internet:


July 12, 2022


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Marketing web shop by uphoff pr & marketing in the top five at the EMIT award 2010 Marburg, March 14, 2010. Fast and cheap: the marketing-web shop Marburger ideas can uphoff pr & marketing create individual and stylish materials for a professional outdoor dental experts with only a few mouse clicks. At this year’s EMIT award, had a top-five hit the web-to-print system now and making it one of the best five webshop innovations in Germany. The EMIT award is awarded annually by the Institute of shipping trade innovation and this year the theme was make e-shopping simple. The jury reviewed the submitted products, for example in terms of innovation and its use effect.

Especially was it, how easy is designed by shopping on the Internet in the respective shops. Display, business paper, bonus cards, patient magazine, business card, appointment block, giveaway or press releases on various topics: find dental experts in the marketing web shop by Uphoff pr & marketing high-quality materials, quickly and easily customize the let. The jury of the EMIT awards was excited and decided therefore to a special ceremony outside the regular categories: the IT innovation received a certificate for this trend-setting business model by uphoff pr & marketing and was explicitly mentioned in the speech at the award ceremony. Interested users can get an impression of the web-to-print system of the Marburg company under or zahnarzte.de. More Branchenshops to follow.