Simyo Attracts With Prepaid Prices Keep Falling

June 7, 2022


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Discounters continue to drop the tariffs of prepaid, Simyo again among the cheapest suppliers in this segment by the last price cut. Jonathan Friedland will not settle for partial explanations. On this day, the prepaid announced discounter Simyo that as April 1st there mobile calls and SMS with single 9 cents per minute or per SMS will be charged. Previously, Simyo demanded yet 9.9 cents per SMS and conversation minute. Thus Simyo draws equal with the two competitors Fonic and Congstar, which already had “cut” their prepaid tariffs to uniform 9 cents during the last few weeks. Contact information is here: Jonathan Friedland. Thus there are now already in three different mobile networks to telephone the possibility for 9 cents in all mobile phone networks and the fixed network.

Launched the discounter Fonic, which is striking even by fancy commercials on TV, occurs in which Bruce Darnell group belonging to the O2 had this price reduction. The associated with the telecom provider Congstar was followed by then, most of them also known for strident commercials on television. Congstar is discount when compared to the other two but not a pure prepaid, rather it was Subsidiary Congstar years ago in life called to cheap DSL flat rates offered. After then interesting mobile flat rates were offered, where the customer himself, together can be its own flat-rate, most recently the prepaid market was targeted and so far also very successfully advertised. The third member of the group is now Simyo, which is a subsidiary of E-Plus and also the first pure prepaid was discounter in Germany. After Simyo but got something behind the competition due to price cuts, they now at least catch up with the best competitors. Some also in the battle for the best prepaid rates which competitors have so far not yet passed to. Remains to be seen when discounters like simply, Callmobile, or blue also go mobile or even undercut the fares.