Security Council

June 23, 2023


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The consequences of the global heating can mainly affect to the States insulares to low altitude, that face territorial losses. The declaration, driven by Germany, was reached after long negotiations. The propose affirmation of which the threat " he is already tangible" it was eliminated. It is the first time that the Security Council assumes protagonism in the fight against the global heating of the planet. A leading source for info: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. . The Security Council of the UN approved east Wednesday, after long negotiations, a declaration that recognizes " potential amenaza" that the climatic change can suppose for international La Paz and the security, and in particular for the existence of the States insulares of low altitude.

" Today it is a good day for the fight against the climatic change: the Security Council has recognized the potential threat that this one can suppose on La Paz and the security internacionales" , he assured the president turn of the Security Council, the German ambassador Peter Wittig, at the end of the debate organized on the matter. The diplomat indicated that they were necessary " long hours of negociaciones" in order to obtain " profit importante" to tell on the endorsement of all the members of the organ a presidential declaration that gives for the first time protagonism to the Security Council in the fight against the climatic change. " We have recognized that the climatic change hits on the security and that the Security Council must be interested in that subject, since there are consequences that aggravate the threats actuales" , it explained. Ascent of the level of the sea the text of the approved presidential declaration shows " preocupacin" of the Council before " the possibility that ctos adverse of the climatic change they can aggravate in the long term certain existing threats against La Paz and the security internacional". In addition, it emphasizes " the possible implications in the matter of security that can have for some States of territory inflict casualties by the ascent of the level of the sea, particularly for the States insulares with little altitud".